Tuesday, June 27, 2006


After three weeks of eating out, mom's good food, and all that other crap we ate on vacation, we... no really just I have started to diet. Scott is just sort of appeasing me. Anyhow, I have tried a few things in the past with no avail, however this weight watchers "points" thing really seems like it is going to work. No, I don't go to meetings and stand on a scale to be weighed in while people call me a cow in the back of their minds. But I do go on-line to see that I get to eat 22 points of food daily with my weight, and I see how many points different foods are.

I have to say that it really hasn't been that bad. It has really just been a matter of choosing different foods at the grocery store and paying more attention to the foods that I buy. They really don't taste bad at all, maybe I can tell the difference with some, but not all. (Scott by the way will totally disagree with me. He watched me unpack the grocery bags a few nights ago and heaved big sighs every time he say the words "fat-free" on the food labels. )

So far I have lost 3 lbs in a week. That is what will keep me going. That and the "skinny cow" ice cream sandwiches that are only three points each.

The only drag is that after my successful weigh in this morning at home, we had a pizza dinner tonight with the fourth grade staff at the new school. I think I ate way over my 22 pts. Oh well. There is always tomorrow, right?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

It's hot, so add water!

Today we came home from church during a rain storm. It wasn't one of those summer southern rain storms that comes in and dumps for twenty minutes, and then heads on. Today was pretty much wet all day. Finally the drizzle went away for a bit, and the sun even came out. I dashed for our shoes so that we could get Emily out of the house and on her tricycle that she points at each time we go in the garage to get in the car.

So, off the three of us go to walk around the neighborhood and push Emily on her tricycle. When we get to the furthest point on our walk, is starts to drizzle a bit. By the time we passed two houses, the flood gates opened from the clouds and we were wet.

You would think by the picture that we might have been pretty cold. Not at all. The rain cooled us down nicely. I'm sure to any neighbor that may have driven by we looked rather ridiculous. But it was one of those times when being ridiculous was kinda fun. I'm sure that Emily loved it, probably Scott loved it, though he may not admit it. I think it will make a fun scrap page.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Three weeks is long enough

It's Sunday night, and we have a little over twenty-four hours before our plane leaves back for SC. I can't wait. I love to see all of our friends and family, and I am grateful that we have fit in as much socializing as we have, but we are all pooped!

So far, we have gone from SC to Fresno, to bakersfield, to fresno, to arroyo grande, to bakersfield to fresno to bakersfield to san berardino to fresno. No, I am seriously not exaggerating. Today when we were coming back from San Berardino we had about an hour drive left and Emily started pumping her legs and screaming in protest of being in the car seat so long. Can't say I blame her. Scott, Emily, and I have really not had a space of our own for going on three weeks, and living out of suit cases is getting old.

This trip has made me realize how much I love my home with my own little family. I can't wait to get to cook dinner for Emily and Scott in our kitchen. I look forward to Sunday morning breakfast with coffee and newspaper around our little kitchen table with Emily in her own high chair. I love that our house will be completely baby-proofed and I will finally be able to sit down on the couch in peace knowing that Emily is safe, and nothing will be broken. I can't wait for some night next week once Emily is in bed so that I can get out all of my scrapbooking stuff and get to work on all of the pictures from this trip, and have everything I need right were it goes in my room, and spend some time alone... just with me.

Our home is sacred to me, I guess like everybody's home is sacred to them. I know that for the rest of the summer I will be more thankful to be home. I think that I will also be thankful to have just the three of us at home... at least for a little while that is! Now if only we survive the plane trip back!

Friday, June 09, 2006

I've always wanted to be a gangsta pimp

I got this from Jay's blog. I thought that it was a bit weird that he should score so high, but then I did as well. I don't think that it takes much!

Prevent (or Cause) Do You Know the Hip-Hop Lingo at LiquidGeneration!