Friday, June 08, 2012


Events from the first week of summer:

  • Monday- Scott flew out at 5 a.m. for a research trip to the Oregon coast. It rained most of the day, so in desperation, I took the kids to McDonalds with a friend, and we let our kids play for over two hours in the PlayPlace. I'm hoping the good exercise makes up for the antibiotic injected chicken nuggets. (Eww... that looks even worse written than it sounds). We had an evening play date with neighbors, and the kids made their own pizzas for dinner.
  • Tuesday- More rain. And I mean RAIN. So we went to the special summer $1 movie theater. Emily and I weren't sure how the twins would do (this was their first movie-going experience) so we were prepared to have to get up in the middle and leave if need be, but everybody was great. They loved the experience. Looks like the $1 movie theater may be a summer staple!
  • Wednesday- More rain. Seriously the weather temp was great (low 80's) but the rain HAD to stop! We played inside most of the day. I'm now an expert on how to build a "traffic jam" with hotwheels. :) We read many books, and are now almost down with the BFG, which Eli especially seems to like. This is the first chapter book I've read with the twins, and I can't wait to read another. Eli loves it, and begs me to read more. Elsie... well, Elsie sort of listens from afar. And that's fine with me.
**Wednesday evening was super special because after the kids went to bed, I had some great girlfriends over for wine. And what made this even more awesome was that I spent all day Wednesday in contact with my sister and mom as my sister was in labor! Her sweet baby Camille was born at 7:21 p.m. (10:21 my time) while I was surrounded by my friends. This worked out well because I was aching to be with my sister, but my friends celebrating with me was special. More on this later, too!
  • Thursday- Picnic at the Harbison Duck Pond. I will post pictures later. Yes, we did play on the toys and it was great. But what was absolutely amazing was the nature walks we took. Turtles, ducks with ducklings, woodpeckers, swans, herrings... more on this to come.
  • Friday- Its finally warmed up today (88- and no, I'm not complaining. June has proven to be amazing so far!) and so we're off to the pool this morning. The plan is to get there at 10 and not return home until we have eaten lunch and swam till we dropped right before nap time.
Its been a great week! I'm constantly looking for new summer activities to experience together, but we like to just hang at home some too. I'm loving the time with the kids, though this mommy really is missing the daddy. He will be home Monday. Summer will only get better!