Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm back with random updates!

I guess I haven't blogged so much for obvious reasons. Going back to work has made me really analyze how I spend my time so that any extra time can be spent with the kids. However, as I finish up the fourth week of school and things fall better in to place, I realize that I want to get back to my old blogging hobby.

There wasn't really a great way to get back in to things, except for one of my random posts, so here goes!

Malisa's random thoughts... posted in no particular order, but rather as they flow in and out of my head:

1. Scott is up early this morning. He's at the Lake Murray Dam run. It starts in five minutes, and I pray for him to do his best. This is a 10K run. Yep, that's right. 10k = 6.2 miles. Scott has turned out to be quite the runner. I'm so proud of him! Not only is he skinnier than he's been since before we got married, but he has researched and learned so much about being a runner. Its been fun to watch him on this journey. He's inspiring!

2. I'm up to a 3 mile run, tops. I have horrible shin splints that cause me to limp after my third run of the week. So far, this had kept me from expanding the number of runs I do a week, or adding more miles. But the way I figure it, my cast hasn't been off for quite two months yet, so I think I'm doing okay for now.

3. One of my besties is getting married today. My friend Amber and I met years ago when I first moved to South Carolina. She's been my "single" friend for the past five years, the one who drops in for dinner whenever and is thrilled to share a home cooked meal with us, no matter how simple it may be. I love her dearly, and so does my entire family. She's been a chosen family member, so to speak. And the wonderful man she's marrying fits right in. My Emily loves them both, as do the rest of us. I'll be sure to post some pictures of Em in her flower girl dress, and me in my bridesmaid dress. Its sure to be a fun day! And the festivities start in just a few hours with hair appointments!

4. Mrs. Shari, the fabulous lady who keeps the twins, was put in our lives by God. He obviously knew the state my heart was in when I had kids and worked, and therefore He put Shari in our lives to ease the situation. She was wonderful with Emily, and just to be expected, she's wonderful with our twins. Its easy to see how they love her too. One quick story to signify her fabulousness: I dropped the twins off and noticed that Eli was stinky. I laid Shari's changing pad on the floor to change him, just like she does. Eli ran over, laid done, and was perfectly still. Once I started changing his diaper, he threw his hands over his head. Now, at home, this child is like trying to diaper a tiger. He rolls all over. His hands go straight to the "yuck." And the entire thing is quite disasterous. However, Shari apparently explained how they do diaper changes, and this is how they do them. Expectation raised, and the twins raised with it. Fabulous!

5. Yesterday was the bridal luncheon at noon, and so I took a personal day off work. Since I had nowhere to be in the morning, I went Emily's school and spent the day with her in Kindergarten. Her wonderful teacher (I could write an entire blog post devoted to her teacher's fabulousness) even arranged for this day to be "Leaf Day" when I mentioned this rare chance to come in to class. So I got to run a station as the children investigated all about leaves. Then I got to go to the library with the class, and to see the cafeteria where Em eats lunch. Of course I also saw Scott and his class. The entire morning was just what I needed. Emily is in a wonderful setting with wonderful people. I'm so pleased that she gets to go there to learn every day. I could never ask for more for her Kindergarten year.

6. I love my job. Turns out I this teaching thing is a fiber in my inner-being. It is who I am. It is what I love. I marvel at the brilliant things my kids say, and the hysterical things they say. When I look at where we were when we walked in the first day of school, and how our community has begun to build since then, I am so amazed at what they can accomplish.

7. With the extra job, comes extra income. And I share this not because its important, but because I think so many of us have experienced this. Scott and I got our first paychecks of the year. And since we were making it work on his salary, we were thrilled to finally have a cushion with my income. And then, the very next day, our garage door broke. Like, it won't open at all, the spring snapped in half and the rollers are rusty broken. Isn't that the way it always happens? And my first instinct is to be incredibly disappointed, but I had to force myself to change my attitude and be grateful that this garage door didn't break until after we could afford to fix it. What a blessing! Because it turns out, replacing garage doors is expensive!

8. Eli and Elsie have colds. Probably just the first bug of the season, but now they are congested in their chest, especially Eli. Neither of them are running a fever, or even have a change in their temperament. But I know its coming. I pray that they will be fine, and the chest congestion clears up on its own, however, I'm anticipating a trip to the pediatrician this week. And its only September!