Thursday, December 22, 2005

We're in California

It's been a little hard to post since Emily, Malisa, and I are in CA but in case you weren't sure we are here. We're staying most of the time in Bakersfield but we will be in Fresno Wednesday, Dec. 28. I know we would like to get together with as many people for dinner before heading out to Well-Wednesday. Make sure you email us if you're interested: Hopefully we will see you all soon.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Almost to the end

My last class finished last night but luckily all I had to do was watch other group’s presentations. Last Thursday I presented my findings from my food court research. I also received a paper that I wrote the previous week. It was a good night. I received perfect scores on both the presentation and paper! Write now it looks like at least two “A’s.”

BUT I’m also finishing up a paper which was due on Monday. I’m having a hard time with it. I did some research in Malisa’s classroom on how a teacher’s language use can promote a learning community. I have my data but writing the paper is difficult. The concept of language and community is bigger than I thought so it’s taking longer than I though. Hopefully I can get it done tomorrow so I can do lots of editing. Part of the grade is sending it off to have published. While I’m most concerned about a good grade, having it published would be great.

One of the interesting things about taking doctoral classes is each class always has you do self-assessments of your grades. The one class in which the paper is due, I had to type out about 20 pages explaining why I deserved the grade I did. I put down an “A” but based on this reason: did I do my best throughout the class with what I understood at that time. The beginning of class was rough. A new state, new university, and the doctoral culture. I had a hard time getting going in my classes and my work AT THAT TIME would probably not be considered “A” work. But I worked hard, studied a lot, grew in my understanding and articulation, and supported others along the way. By the time class finished I was doing “A” work. So how do you take that kind of growth and not justify and “A?”