Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Sick Day

We've had a stomach bug circulating around the house. It started with Eli. He had the "just got in bed" puke. You know the one where the kid is all clean, straight from the bath, teeth brushed, fresh pajamas, and in a nice snuggly warm bed... and then "it" happens. Yuck. But the good news is that was it. That was Saturday and he's been fine ever since.

This girl however? Well... she is struggling. So I find myself with her this morning.... a sick day.

Now I totally get how frustratingly hard it is for a teacher to make sub plans. Sometimes I've been sick, but thought "well shoot. If I can just make it walking from one side of the class to the other, then I will be fine. Not worth the making sub plans. Suck it up Johnson!" And on to work I go.

But this girl? This girl needs her mommy. So that is that.

Right now she's curled up asleep in our bed. I think she likes the heating blanket and has made herself a nest out of the blanket and some favorite stuffed animals. You're not surprised that I've been in to check on her more than several times, really just because I wanted to see her in precious sleep. You've done it too.

Today will probably bring lots and lots of snuggles and way too much Disney Jr. Elsie's favorite right now is this show called Sheriff Callie. Its about a cat who dresses up like a sheriff and rides around on a pony. Of course its her favorite, right?

There will be lots of napping I suppose, and eating toast and Gatorade. Probably lots of Elephant and Piggie books. Those are my favorite too.

Elsie will probably be just fine tomorrow and will return to Ms. Shari's. But until then we have this sick day. A weird little unexpected day to spend just the two of us. And while it is never fun to see a child not feeling well, there is something special about having the day to spend entirely doting on that one child. Today will be a good, sick, day.