Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cloth Diapering with Twins

Earlier tonight I put the precious boy down for the night. (He was awake... and puts himself to sleep by himself in his crib. Yes. He is that easy!) When Scott and I walked in the room to put Elsie down about a half hour later (yes, she demands much more attention) the room smelled like skunk. I wondered aloud if it was just gas, since Eli seems to have horrible gas. Scott decided to lean down in the crib to give the boy's back side a big whiff. Not the smartest move.

So we proceeded to unswaddle the precious boy and took him in our bedroom as to not awaken The Queen Bee. Eli stayed so still while we unsnapped the onsie and when we took off the diaper we gasped. It was the grossest diaper I have ever changed! It was disgusting! How could such a sweet little baby boy produce such a foul stinchy mess?

After one clean diaper and more than a dozen wipes later, he was back swaddled in his crib. Now it was time to spray out the diaper. Thank goodness for the diaper sprayer attached to the toilet. This handy tool is a must! And I have to say it was gross still, but I realized that if I can handle this diaper, I can handle anything!

We WILL prove successful in the cloth diapering of twins!

Many people have ask us, "So how are the cloth diapers going?" I think they either think we are crazy for even trying with twins, or they expect that we will say we've given up, and gone to disposables.

But after five weeks we estimate that we would have spent over $200 on disposables. And its only been five weeks! Pair that with the number of diapers we've kept out of the landfill, and that's motivation to continue!

We have quite the system down to spray out the soiled diapers, and I wash diapers every night and hang them to air dry on the drying rack.

It really isn't that hard! We even have some disposables left over from when they were first home that we didn't use and now they have grown out of them.

So to anybody considering cloth diapers, try it! It is an investment, as each pack of twelve costs over $200, but they never grow out of them, and they pay for themselves in just five weeks!

AND... the urologist mentioned to me last week that the cloth diapers were the best way to prevent many unnecessary problems from diaper rash, to urinary tract infections.

All wonderful reasons to try! :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sometimes sarcastic comments are so hard to hold back

Living in the south is very different than in California when it comes to strangers. Going to the grocery store and having so many people be so friendly and talkative took some getting used to. Now that we have twins, its a whole new ballgame. And don't get me wrong. I love to hear how cute my babies are. :) And I love it when parents of twins tell me about their twins. But many, many times I get comments that are down-right silly, or just plain rude. I think its time to share with you some of the gems that I have received from strangers, and also the sarcastic comments that come to my head that I so painstakingly avoid saying.

1. Asking their gender is always followed up with the question, "Are they identical?"
-To which I want to lovingly say, "Actually no. This one has a penis and this one doesn't."

2. "I'm glad its you and not me!!!"
-Quite frankly, so am I. I love having twins!"

3. "Do they get along?"
-Well, they do fight over the keys to the car on occasion.

4. "Oh! Are those twins?"
-yes, yes they are.

5. "What did you husband say when he found out you were expecting twins?"
-This one gets me. What in the world are they expecting with this question?

6. "How are you ever going to pay for college?"
- Geez. Thanks for the premature prescription for anxiety pills!

7. "Are you done?"
- Now friends and family asking this? That's fine. But a complete stranger in the cereal aisle at the local Kroger shouldn't ask this personal question!

8. After asking about how early they were born one lady even asked me, "Do they have any delays?"
-Well, they don't know how to tie their shoes yet, but we're working on it!!! (UGHHH!)

9. "Were you on fertility drugs?"
- See #7

10. "Oh! Twins! That is my worst nightmare!"
- Obviously you aren't very tough, and HOW RUDE!!!!

And finally, this is the worst. Nobody has ever asked me this, but I have two friends with twins who both have told me they've been asked this question:
"Which one is smarter?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a day!

This morning at eight I called the urologist's office to inform them that Eli also has a hernia, and asked if there was any way we could fit him in today as well? I went ahead and stopped nursing him at six in the morning, just like I was told to do with Elsie. Luckily, they called me back fifteen minutes before I arrived at the hospital to say that yes, the doctor did say he could do the surgery.

The morning was incredibly difficult, as both babies were screaming to be fed from about nine until they were brought in to the pre-op room. The urologist came in to quickly look at Eli and he wasn't able to really see the hernia that Scott and I saw last night. All of the sudden it was not there! I started second-guessing myself, and thinking that I had wasted this doctor's time! But he said that if we saw it, it was probably there, and he thought he felt something there, but that maybe it had pulled back in. He said that he felt we should still do the surgery. And not only that, but he thought he should make incisions on both sides of Eli just to make sure that there isn't a hernia on the other side as well.

This made me nervous.

They took Elsie back first (probably because she screamed the loudest in the pre-op room!) and her surgery went well. I sat with her in recovery until the doctor came in to tell me about Eli. Apparently not only did he have a larger hernia on the right side (what Scott and I saw) but he also had a medium sized hernia on the left side... just like Elsie.

They moved the babies in two rooms for an over-night observation. I promptly moved them into the same room where they currently are snuggled in their crib bundled up together. They started nursing just about an hour after surgery was over, and seem to be back on schedule! Very cool. They are all repaired and will be ready to come home tomorrow! Thanks for all the prayers! And if anybody suspects their infant may have a hernia, Scott and I can provide that diagnosis! :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Queen Bee

We saw the urologist today regarding Elsie's hernia. He found the right side inguinal hernia, like we anticipated, but then also found another on the left side. While this sounds worse, I am actually thinking it is okay because from what I've read I've learned that infants who have a hernia repaired have a 50% chance of developing another hernia on the opposite side. But once a side has been repaired it is rare for the hernia to reoccur. So at least once she has the surgery she has little to no chance of needing another hernia surgery later.

The really stinky thing about this all is that the doctor didn't want to wait until she is three months old, because that is still quite a few weeks away. And because she is less than three months old, she will have to stay the night. And because the next two weeks are booked, the surgery is tomorrow. On my birthday. What a bummer! I will keep Eli with me too because I can't nurse him at home with Elsie in the hospital. Oh well. One thing at a time I guess!

Since the time I typed up this post Scott changed Eli's diaper, and wouldn't you know he found that Eli also has a hernia on the right side of his groin?!?!?!? UGHHH!!!!


Last night we went through our nightly routine with the babies. They were in their crib a little after 9 p.m. and about fifteen minutes later, they were both awake and being held by us on the couch.

Not the way it was supposed to go!

However, by 10 p.m. they were out again, and though I was leery that it would last, we lowered them successfully in their crib. They slept until four in the morning! Now they could have probably slept longer, but I woke up very uncomfortable at four and had to get them to eat. We changed their diapers, and they were back asleep in their cribs by 5 a.m. to sleep until 7:30.

Now it is 9:30 and Scott has Emily at soccer camp. Both babies are down in the crib for their morning nap, and I will actually get to take a shower without somebody crying or somebody else telling me they need help tying their shoes!

The little things make me so happy! :)

Now the crazy begins when Scott and Emily pick us all up for the "day of the doctor appointment!" :)

Monday, June 22, 2009


Somehow it turned out that Tuesday was doctor appointment day. Last Tuesday Emily saw the orthopedist for her arm, and Scott had a visit with the neurologist. Tomorrow we have a busy morning as Emily has soccer camp (yes... she goes even with a broken arm) from 9-10:30 a.m. and then Em goes back to the orthopedist at 12:00 for another check. Hopefully they will take the old cast on, as its been on since June 4, and replace it with a smaller cast.

Then at 1:15 Elsie sees the urologist regarding her hernia. I'm anxious for this appointment because I have lots of questions ask we want to know when he will decide to schedule the little surgery. I refer to it as the little surgery because it makes me feel better! :)

So all five us will head out together. Somewhere in the middle of that I'm sure we will have lunch out, which is always an adventure with twin infants!

Hope your Tuesday is loads of fun too! Updates on the doctor appointments to come!

P.S. If our family has to see one more specialist in this town, I think I may cry!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Boobie holder

Warning**Mature Content**

A couple weekends ago we were all walking through Target. I was pushing the babies in the double stroller, and Emily and Scott were slowly following us. Every once in awhile I would hear them giggling. I could tell they were up to no good of some sort. Then all of the sudden we pass the lingerie section at which time Emily says, very loudly, "Look at all those booby holders!"

Mortified doesn't even begin to cover it. And of course Scott can only snicker. Of course.

Well, then a few nights ago my friend Meesh brought over some pajamas that her daughter had out grown. This was perfect because Emily had outgrown most of her summer jammies, and had been insisting on wearing only the flannel long sleeved winter jammies.

She loves all of these "new" jammies because her older cool friend Kori wore them. But there are two nightgowns that are her favorites, and both have adjustable straps, very similar to a bra. Emily refers to these as her "booby holder" nightgowns.


So today, after getting soaked and full of mud at a backyard splash birthday party, Emily came home and climbed into bed for nap. She was dry and semi-clean at this point, but she and I both commented about the necessity for a bath later this evening. Then Emily, very so matter-of-factly says, "Hey mom, can you please make sure my new booby holder nightgowns are clean so I can wear them after my bath."

What do you say to that? Oh well. You win some, you lose some 'eh?

Friday, June 19, 2009

I feel that I am at war... with clutter!

Friends, I need somebody to lament with me. Surely I can't be the only one who feels at war every day with the clutter that plagues my home. And today I'm not talking about yesterday's pile of unsorted mail, or the stack of year-old magazines. Today I am talking specifically about child-clutter.

You know what I'm talking about! The McDonalds happy meal toys, two month old Sunday School crafts, birthday party treat bag remnants, and puzzles with missing pieces. Things that surely don't need to be saved, at least in my eyes.

However, Emily disagrees.

She argues that somebody GAVE HER that bear with a jack-o-lantern for a mid section, and that picture of Solomon and the pillars is of the CHURCH HE BUILT FOR GOD, and that puzzle has BARBIE on it for goodness sakes! All reasons not to get rid of the aforementioned garbage.

Scott and I just finished a battle in her closet. We will call it, "The Battle of All Things Stuffed." Of course Emily had a reason for keeping just about every item we tried to put in the Hefty bag. We resorted to a new battle tactic: distract and stuff! I distracted Emily's eyes while Scott stuffed the bag full of all the useless stuffed animal toys that she has accumulated.

There has to be an easier way. I've talked with Emily about how important it is to share her toys with children that don't have them. And she's all about that, until I pull out a specific toy. Then she goes into a five minute diatribe about the history of that toy, and its importance to the household. Ugh.

Anybody else have some ideas for getting rid of, or managing children clutter?

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Last night I gave baths to both Elsie and Eli. Neither of them care for baths, and both of them screamed their heads off as I individually bathed them. While I was bathing Elsie I noticed a bulge on the right side of her genital area that appeared each time she screamed.

I suspected a hernia, and went directly to the internet to hopefully disconfirm my suspicion. I learned that:

Inguinal hearnias are typically on the right side.... As is Elsie's bulge.
Inguinal hernias appear many times in premature babies... Elsie is.
Inguinal hernias are more likely to form in children whose parents also had an inguinal hernia... I had one.

*Deep sigh*

I am trying to tell myself that at least it is something totally common and fixable. Though the idea of her having surgery to repair it is not something I even want to imagine. Scott, who takes things one step at a time, is patiently waiting to hear what the doctor says when I call this morning.

When I was in the fifth grade my hernia was found and fixed with a minor surgery. No big deal. And my mom tells me that they are sure it had been there from birth, as many times they are very undetectable. This type of hernia literally causes no discomfort, but of course needs to be repaired. Please pray for Miss Elsie, the queen bee. She is sick of the doctor, I am sure. We thought once we got those great blood tests back that we were out of the woods for any medical issues. I am a little disheartened and extremely bummed.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sometimes looking in the mirror is scary

I'm sitting in the living room toodling about the internet while feeding the babies. Emily is in the toy room (dining room) playing in her big play kitchen. As I listen to her play I hear myself. She is talking with her baby doll while she cooks, and going back and forth between being the baby's voice and the mommy's. This is how the conversation goes:

Baby: Mommy... I really need a drink.

Mommy: In a second sweetheart (in a very loving tone)

Baby: Mommy, I really need a drink before bed

Mommy: I know sweetheart, and I will bring in in just a second.

Baby: But I am just so thirsty and I can't go to bed until I have a drink of water. With lots of ice. Right now.

Mommy: (slightly irritated) Sweetheart, you will have to be patient, and I need to wash the dishes and then feed the babies and then clean the bottles and then fold the laundry.

Baby: But MOMMY! I am thirsty NOW!

(deep sigh)

Mommy: (In a very irritated voice) I am getting it right now for you sweetheart.

Baby: (now crying) But mommy! Now! Now! NOW!


Gee. I promise I have never pulled the, "mom only has two hands" line on Emily. But she got it somewhere. Poor girl. She has to share her Mommy and Daddy now, and darn is that hard! She is learning though. Now if only her Baby doll can get it! :)

Seven weeks

Tomorrow the babies will be seven weeks old. I meant to stay on top of pictures, posting new ones every Thursday to mark their weekly growth, but that hasn't happened. Today I will post video instead in hopes to be a day ahead instead of behind.

This morning Elsie has been a bit demanding. We laugh at her because she falls asleep when we hold her, and then when I go to put her down she opens one eye as if to say, "Are you sure you want to do that?" Then, sure enough, she cries. This has dubbed her the nick-name, "baby one-eye." Elias is a true Mr. Cool. He still is pretty laid back. The only time he really gets upset is when he is hungry. They both are still eating every two hours.

Of course I had to also post a video of Miss Emily. She is doing her "dance moves" in one of her favorite dress-up outfits: cowboy vest (though it is backwards, don't try to tell her that. She INSISTS the ties go in the back!) cowgirl skirt, and a Madeline hat with matching wig. I think she gets her sense of style from her Aunt Mindy!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Mayhem

There is no order to this post. Just a little bit of random. Because sometimes mayhem is okay!:)

* Swaddling blanket: Love, love, love this blanket! We wrapped Elsie and Elias up and they quickly slipped into a very deep and sound sleep. The only problem is that Elsie spit up all over her new blankie, and Eli peed all over his. Hrmph. Looks like we need to invest in an extra swaddle blankie for each baby.

* Publix: Love, love, love my grocery store! Every time I go to the market I take my coupons. Managing them and the babies can be a challenge. I throw my groceries in the bottom of the double stroller and off I go. When I check out the bagger always gets me a cart, loads it up and pushes it out to my van. He loads up the back while I load up the babies. So helpful!

* My classroom: Scott is again cleaning out my classroom. I am so grateful. He took Emily and will be back for lunch. So helpful!

* Television: Since Elsie has decided to eat every two hours, I spend a lot of time on the couch feeding. Therefore, I've watched A LOT of HGTV and Food Network. Some of my favorites are Chopped, HGTV $250,000 Challange, House Hunters, The Next Food Network Star, and Diners Drive-ins and Dives.

*We go back to the orthopedist tomorrow. I'm praying that Emily will get a new cast. Don't they normally put a new cast on with every appointment? I'm not sure. But if they do, I really want them to give her a cast that stops below the elbow, and a waterproof cast would be fabulous! :)

*EA Active: Got this Wii game for an early birthday present from Scott. I love it so far, but would like to spend some more time playing it... I'm just looking to find that "perfect time" to exercise each day.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sleep for all!

Last night Scott and I developed a nightly routine for the babies in hopes that it would eventually prepare them for sleeping. We bathed them, fed them, swaddled them, and loved on them before laying them down awake in their cribs.

Not only did they fall asleep on their own, but they only woke for one night-time feeding at 2:30 a.m. Once they finished, we laid them both back in their cribs where they fell back asleep until 7 a.m. this morning. WOO HOO!!!

Now quite honestly, this is no surprise for Elias. He is such an easy baby. But Elsie, who my grandma dubbed "queen bee" is much more difficult. Most nights she will only sleep on my chest while I lay back in the recliner. Comfortable for her because she can sleep on her tummy and she doesn't pull out her arms, but not as comfortable for me as I long for my bed!

Maybe last night is the start of something great for Miss Elsie. We will be purchasing the special swaddling blanket for her today at Babies R Us on recommendation of Katie who has had success with Henry.

Now that they both finished eating again this morning I am going downstairs to enjoy some coffee and toast with the morning paper. So fabulous!

P.S. Emily also slept in until just a little while ago, which in itself is a feat for the otherwise 6 a.m. early riser!

Friday, June 12, 2009


The twins are six weeks old today. My original 40 week due date would have been last Monday (June 8) had I only been carrying one. That said, they have what the doctors call an "adjusted age" according to their due date.

What is funny about this is the change in beginning this Monday. It seems like they have awakened so to speak. They are both awake for about two hours at a time in between eating and napping. This wasn't the case those first few weeks. They literally slept so much I had to wake them to feed them. People would ask me how it was going, and look surprised when I would appear to have it together. I would remind them of the tremendous help I had at that time, and also ask them to check back in a few weeks when the babies "woke up." Those first few weeks were difficult because of multiple doctors appointments, lactation appointments, and last minute trips to Babies R Us to pick up those things we forgot, but not because of new babies fussing.

But this week is different. It is as if God knew I would need Scott home so the babies waited to wake up until Scott was done with school. This week has been a challenge to say the least. Elsie in particular is quite the fussy princess. She wants to be held all of the time. Both babies are no longer content with eating every three hours, but need to eat every two now. And of course, Emily is home with her broken arm. Add to that the long nights, and you have two very tired parents!

After lunch today and after a long tiring week, Emily went down for her nap. Scott and I both laid, exhausted, on the couch with a baby on our chest. We fell asleep with the babies for almost two hours. It was fabulous. The house was quiet and full of peace. It is amazing how a great nap can change the outlook on everything. Both Scott and I were so much in a better mood.

Thank goodness for summer naps. I think we will need another tomorrow!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

First time with sponge rollers

My mom used to put sponge rollers in Mindy and my hair all the time. Tonight I put them in Emily's hair for no other reason than it gave the two of us something special and new to do together. If she manages to keep them in her hair all night I will be sure to post a picture of tomorrow's styling new 'do!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pediatrician Visit

Today we went to see Dr. Cope for a weight check. He said everything looked great, and was impressed with their fabulous weight gain.

Here are the numbers:
Birth: 5 lbs 5 oz
4 week appt: 6 lbs 2 oz
6 week appt: 6 lbs 12 oz

Birth: 4 lbs 7 oz
4 week appt: 5 lbs 11 oz
6 week appt: 6 lbs 8 oz

We couldn't be happier about how they are progressing. The great check-up today gives me even more peace of mind. Dr. Cope did say he heard a mild heart murmur in Elsie, but wasn't worried. Emily also had a heart murmur that she has already "grown out of" and I still have one. No big deal. Apparently a heart murmur is considered anything that doesn't fall in the typical range of heart beats. I just think Elsie, Emily, and I all have hearts that beat with extra joy! :)

Hope you have a great Wednesday! Both babies are snuggled together and asleep in their cribs. Emily is "helping" Scott move things out of my classroom, and the house is quiet! I am heading off for a nap!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Daddy makes for the best naps

I've spent much of my time this afternoon dealing with the insurance company. Needless to say I wasn't in the best mood when I finally came out of the office and down the stairs. However, this is what I saw when I entered the living room.

Kind of puts all things in perspective.

Change of Plans

I am a planner. This morning's plan was to have Scott drop off Emily at Vacation Bible School on the way to his doctor's appt. while I got ready and took the twins to Publix for this week's Grocery Gaming. I have already taken the twins for a brief jaunt to the market, and that went fairly well. Today was going to be the next step in a scaffolding approach to grocery shopping as I planned to take the twins for a "big shopping trip" that would surely take much longer than last week's successful shopping mission. If today was also a success, next week I planned on also taking Emily with us. And if this also proved successful I would know I could accomplish anything grocery related with all three kids.

But like most great plans, this one needed an adjustment.

Elsie has decided that she likes to eat every two hours. It takes anywhere from 20-40 minutes to feed the babies, so this leaves me with a maximum of 1 hr. 40 minutes between feedings. By the time I got Scott and Emily out the door and took a shower myself, there wasn't enough time to get to the grocery store before the next feeding or pick-up time for Emily.

Now the plan has been stepped up a few major steps. Looks like I will be picking Emily up from VBS after feeding both babies. Then the four of us will head directly to Publix for the shopping. By the way, if you wondered what this will look like, Elias will be in the car seat atop of the shopping cart (buggy for you Southerners). Elsie will be in a sling across my body, and Emily (Lord willing) will be walking with her unbroken arm attached tot he outside of the cart. All of this while I try to achieve Proverbs 31:16 status with my coupons and shopping list in hand.

Hmm. We will see. I just added ice cream to the bottom of the shopping list for encouragement. If I do in fact make it to the bottom of the list without giving up I think I deserve a scoop of that S'mores ice cream that Julie is raving about!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Saturday pictures

Scott teases that I need to read the manual on our camera because these pictures didn't turn out so great. Somehow I messed with the flash. Oh well. You get the idea! :)

The babies are getting bigger every day it seems. I can't wait to get the weight check taken at this Wednesday's doctor appointment. Thanks to Jenny again for the darling outfits. So talented!

Emily's doing well with her cast. She doesn't complain much, and prays at dinner time for her arm to heal quick. The view from her bedroom window is of the neighborhood pool that is consistently filled with friends having a great time while cooling off. Somehow this seems cruel. We're trying to keep her occupied with fun summer events. Bible school is next Mon-Fri and she has soccer camp the week of 6/22. I'm sure we'll fit in a few trips to the library this month, as well as a trip out to Pomaria to pick strawberries.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Post-surgery update

Emily went in this morning at ten for her noon surgery. The doctor was running a bit late because of another previous surgery, so she didn't go in until a little before one. However, the surgery went really well. She didn't need a pin or a rod or any cuts to be made.

The arm is now set, and Emily is sporting a wonderful fuscia cast, just like she wanted. The nurses told Scott she was the best patient that have ever had, as she has wonderful manners, and didn't cause any unnecessary drama. She was tough and polite! :)

Here's hoping that the next 4-6 weeks go by rather quickly for Emily. Living across the street from the neighborhood pool during a summer of heat and southern humidity just seems torturous to a four year old in a cast. Bummer!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Emily has surgery tomorrow

Please pray the doctor can set Emily's arm without using pins. He will put her to sleep with an IV and then set her arm. Then he will take an x-ray to make sure he is satisfied with the set. If so, they cast it while she is still asleep and she will get to leave about an hour after the surgery. If not, he will need to cut in and insert the pin so that he is satisfied with it.

Oh, and Emily can't eat after tonight at midnight. Anybody who has ever been around Emily in the morning knows how improtant breakfast is to her. This could be rough! I'm thinking Scott and I will keep her up late tonight with lots of protein-rich snacks, and then hopefully she will sleep in late tomorrow morning to lesson the hunger pains.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Because what we need is more chaos

Emily broke her arm this evening. I was getting ready to take the babies on a walk and Scott was helping me latch them in the jogging stroller. Emily was in the backyard playing with her ball. Apparently she tried to stand on it, and when she fell she caught herself with her arm and broke it.

You wouldn't know anything was wrong by looking at Emily's precious face. She cried a bit when it first happened, but that was it. No tears on the car ride to the emergency room. No tears when the nurse examined it, or when the x-ray tech took the pictures. She even explained that she couldn't have a Sponge Bob sticker because Sponge Bob is rude. (Nice)

So tomorrow Scott will have to take the day off to bring Emily to the orthopedist office. Obviously I proved myself unworthy of making this trip because just the sight of her arm made me puke and cry. Who knows what will happen if I have to watch the doctor set it.

Oh well. One more way that our life will be a little chaotic. Hopefully that is all God has in store for us, at least for the summer. And by the way... Emily can't wait to pick out the color for her cast. She wants fuschia... just like Fancy Nancy! :)

All by myself...

I totally appreciated all the help I got from my grandma and grandpa while they were here. And of course I still don't think we would have made it without my mom coming for those first three weeks. But my grandparents left early Saturday morning, and with the weekend over, Scott is back to work today.

While I stayed at home by myself a couple times for a few hours, today is the first day that I will be home with all three kids by myself. I've been sort of looking forward to it to know how I do. Right now Emily is downstairs in the play room playing with Barbies and singing. The babies are swaddled and laying right up next to each other in a shared crib. And I am having a heavenly cup of coffee before taking advantage of the first quiet moment of the morning to take a shower!

If all goes well, I may gain enough confidence to venture out later this week to the super big library downtown. Emily would love that, and has been asking to go. We'll see! :) Wish me luck today!! (hee hee!