Saturday, February 28, 2009

What makes a sick mom smile

Today hasn't been the best day. I spent most of the day in bed, and it has just been in the past couple of hours that I have finally (though quickly) started to feel better.

That said, I wanted to share one of my highlights of today that came right in the middle of feeling the worst.

Emily and Scott went on a "safari" this morning. Emily put animals all throughout the downstairs, and then asked her daddy to wear his "safari hat" before taking him downstairs with flashlights.

I don't know if she has been watching too much Jeff Corwin or what, but this cracked me up. Scott and Emily walked through the entire downstairs on tip-toes, excitedly pointing their flashlights on each beast they stumbled upon. Scott came to get me and told me I couldn't miss the cuteness going on downstairs. So I wearily made it down there and wasn't disappointed.

What a duo!

If anything, mommy being sick makes for some quality daddy/Emily time. Right now they are out grabbing a bite to eat together, and picking up a "yada" (Pinata) for Emily's birthday party this Saturday. I'm thankful they are having a good day together.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend Outlook

Its 3:30ish on Friday and I am sitting at the computer with my PJs on. Emily is at my feet and has just pulled her socks off to pick out the "toe-jam" from between her toes. I had to leave halfway through the school day today because I'm still pretty sick with a sinus infection that has only gotten worse. I had a brief appt with my doctor who prescribed me a new antibiotic and then I went to pick up Emily just before nap time. After two hours asleep snuggling with her, and the promise of a more powerful med, I am hopeful to be back to my regular self soon. My family and students deserve better, that's all I can say.

And other than that, we have just a lot of to-do things this weekend. I was hoping for Scott to be able mow the lawn tomorrow morning, but it looks like that won't happen with the crazy weather.

It is 78 out right now, with the high reaching 70 again tomorrow. We're projected to get almost 3 inches of rain tonight and tomorrow, but then... what?!? That rain Sunday night will switch over to snow and some forecasters are calling for over an inch after the temp drops to the forties. That is a lot of the Midlands, and will surely shut the schools down Monday. That isn't even the mention of the slight chance of severe tornadic weather that we may have Saturday.

What a weird forecast. Should make it interesting!

Monday, February 23, 2009

25 weeks

I'll be 25 weeks tomorrow. At my last appt. the baby girl was laying face down across the bottom, and the baby boy was literally standing on her bum, with his head shoving my stomach and esophagus and diaphragm up too high, making it very hard to breathe, no less eat. I am learning to eat smaller portions almost constantly throughout the day, which is hard for somebody like me who gets going and forgets to slow down. And I feel full a lot. Probably because there is getting to be literally no empty space in there! Scott is getting used to my small appetite at meal time, which is also not like me!

Normally I get lots of low kicks, which is so much fun since I didn't ever really feel kicks with Emily. The low kicks send me running to the ladies room, but I still delight in each one! Just today I started feeling kicks really high, which means somebody probably turned. I can't wait to return to the doctor on 3/2 to see who it is!

So far the entire pregnancy has gone really well. Great in fact when you consider I was on bed rest with Emily. On the 3/2 appt. we will talk about possibly pushing my due date back from 5/15 to 5/28 because of everything going so well. I am thrilled! :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm starting my own list!

I don't know about you, but I am sick of the constant chatter about the economic downfall. Now I don't disagree that these are extremely rough times that are touching everybody, its just the "over-talk" is getting on my nerves. But sometimes I get annoyed when the person being interviewed on the Today Show, the financial analyst on CNN, and the writer for Real Simple all have the same message. You've heard it before, but here it is again... the tips to survive a tough economy. (Hold on, this may change your life)

1. Don't buy on credit
2. Cut back. Use less shampoo, less toilet paper, etc.
3. Car pool to work
4. Pay-off any debt
5. Brown bag to work
and my personal favorite...
6. Make your morning cup 'O joe at home, and skip the $4 coffee bar

Phew. Thank goodness I heard that valuable message on all three venues. I don't know what I would have done w/o it. My finances are saved!

But in all actuality I thought it would be fun to start a new list of things that we see where the price is actually going down.
I'll start:

1. Behr Paint at Home Depot- Old Price $22 New Price $16
2. Gallon of milk at Publix- Old Price $4.09 New Price $3.19
3.Gas- Varying up to $3.89/gallon Current price $1.79/gallon

What am I sick with?

For the last couple weeks schools in our have reported very high amounts of absences and children being sent home sick. Schools have reported numbers of absences in the hundreds, varying from whopping cough outbreaks at one school, to flu at another.

In my class we have had what I have jokingly referred to as the T.B. outbreak. More kids have this awful cough than not. They don't run fevers, or have any other symptoms... just a horrendous cough that lasts for more than a couple weeks. One child in my class has been on antibiotics since mid January, with no sign of kicking the cough. Of course they still come to school because they aren't really "sick" and can't miss weeks of school for a cough... so around and around it goes.

On Friday a student was out sick with flu. By Friday at 2 pm, the remaining three who sit at her group were sent home with flu. Also, Friday afternoon my good friend Meesh called to warn me that after five days of being told her son doesn't have strep, the doctor's office called with news that the longer strep test came back positive. She warned me because her son was hanging out at our house earlier this week.

So I ask you... what could this be that I have this morning? I didn't feel so hot by last night, and right now am so congested that my head is pounding, my throat killing me, and my stomach churning in a not so good way. I couldn't sleep past 5:20 (on a Sunday!) which is a total bummer. My fever is just around 100.

Any guesses?
I'm off to see what meds I can take while pregnant, and then to lysol the entire house.
Hope your family stays well! :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This sweet girl

Tonight I was laying in Emily's bed with her and eventually the conversation turned to her being a big sister. She gave me a list of all the things she wanted to teach "her baby sister and her baby brother."

Here are the highlights:

* How to plant seeds in the vegetable garden
* How to be on the potty train (you get her meaning, I'm sure! :)
* How to speak Spanish
* How to not jump on the bed
* How to recycle
* How to read books w/o tearing the pictures
* How to start the C.D. player
* How to feed Ethel

I couldn't have thought of a more well-rounded list myself!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today in class I wrote the date, and beside it I wrote "Grandma Sharon's Birthday." Of course I explained to the kids about Grandma Sharon. I explained that my grandfather passed away a few years back, and they have the same birthday, so I imagine it must be a bitter-sweet day for her.

We had a half-day today, and didn't have our normal Related Arts at 8:30, which allowed me more time in morning meeting with the kids. I ended up telling them stories about Grandma. Stories about her getting angry at my grandpa in the early 80's and buying herself a brand new blue cadillac.... only to order plates that say to this day, "NOT LEWS." (My grandpa's name was Lew.) I told them about how she thought it was hysterical how much I loved chicken drumsticks as a kid, and so one year for Easter she filled my basket with chicken legs, all with bows tied around them. And I told them about how she put a mouse trap in the candy dish so Mindy would get a surprise when she reached in without asking.

My kids were mesmerized. They laughed and laughed, and begged for more. We ended up calling my grandma on the phone, and singing to her "happy birthday." I hope she liked it. The kids also told her all the stories I'd shared with them. She laughed.

But what was so cool was the way that conversation inspired another conversation about legacy. The kids began to recall all sorts of memories from their family, and were very anxious to jot them down in their writing notebook so they could recall the stories of their past. We talked about the different ways people share their family legacy and they were so excited.

This is why I just love my job. The personal and the professional have always been a clouded line for me as I weave myself into my classroom and connect with my kids and they to me.

I guess that is why I am having such a hard time turning in my letter resignation. Scott and I decided it was obvious that with twins I stay home, and I am totally excited about this... don't get me wrong. But so much of who I am is wrapped around what I love doing for a job. It is such a part of my identity, and even though I wouldn't change anything about staying at home, it will surely be hard for me.

Amazing days with kids like today just remind me of what I will have waiting for me when I do return to teaching.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Was my hair really that blonde!?!

Don't you just love old pictures? I was cleaning out the spare bedroom and I came across this beauty. Its one of those that when you post it on facebook you're not sure if your friends will be angry if you tag them! :)

It is so beautiful today. The windows are open, I've done some gardening, and I think I may sit out in the sunshine to catch up on my Bible study.

Hope everybody is having a wonderful Saturday!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Boy and Girl

I can't wrap my mind around having both a boy and a girl at the same time. I can't tell you how thrilled I am! And what's so fun about knowing the genders is that now when I am totally being kicked and punched, I know who to blame it on. I don't have to refer to him or her as it, but rather can say, "Man that little boy is kicking now!" And normally it is always the boy. Always on the right, always much more active than his sister. Always causing me to run down the hall to the bathroom.

And I enjoy every minute of it.

During the ultrasound the technician couldn't even get all the measurements of the little girl. The boy was kicking so hard and frequent that the girl would literally dart to the left, only to be pulled back to the right. It looked on the screen like she was attached to some sort of fetal rubber band. It was so awesome to see. I can't imagine the closeness that these two will share.

Of course because I get to have another ultrasound to get those final measurements that weren't able to be taken . Darn! :)

Scott and I have thought of many names, and have come close to deciding, but would love input. Suggestions?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The daily Emily quote x2

Scott needed a snack to bring for a meeting tomorrow, so I baked some cookies. As I was arranging the last few on the plate, I asked Emily to tell Daddy to taste the cookies and tell me if they taste alright.
Her response? "Mommy, does Daddy ever think your chocolate chip cookies don't taste alright?" Said complete with hand on her hip and everything.

Later tonight Scott and Emily were playing and his knee accidently bumped Emily's forehead. I'm sure it hurt, and she did cry. Scott and I were concerned that it would swell. We put the Nemo ice pack on her head, and then muffled through the tears she gets this one-sided grin and says, "You know what would really help me feel better? Some cartoons!"

Seriously, I'm glad my kid doesn't lack in the personality department. She is a lot of fun! :)