Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shhhh . . . don't tell Malisa but this is her Christmas gift this year!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Family pictures

We went to the horseshoe at USC to have family pictures taken. The photographer was great, and I think she got some great shots. I love the ones of the kids. The one of Scott and Eli is a favorite.

Anyhow, so if you get a Christmas card this year with one of these pictures on it, just pretend you haven't already seen it! :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby pictures for preschool

Emily's preschool teacher asked that we send in a baby picture. I had so much fun this morning going through and rediscovering some of my favorites, but I can't decide. Which one do you like best?


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear Irmo Policeman

Thank you so much for breaking the window out of my car. I really have no idea how I could have locked both of my keys in my car at the grocery store. I've thought about it over and over again, and I just have no answer. How I was able to put both babies, all the groceries, the diaper bag, and the stroller in the car and then have it lock is beyond my understanding. But I am so appreciative of your understanding and the way you didn't judge me in my horrible situation. I really do think I am a good mom. I'm glad that through the chaos and tears you were able to tell me you thought I was a good mom too. It helped. It also helped that you said your wife locked your own child in the car. You may have been lying just to make me feel better, but that doesn't matter because it worked. I did feel a bit better.

Now whenever I hear of people complaining about the way you and your police friends camp out on Woodrow street, hidden in the trees to ticket speeders, I will rise to your defense. I was very grateful for you help today.

Thank you,
(a.k.a. the crazy mom of twins who locked them in the car in front of the Kroger and cried and cried.)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Too much too soon

There are so many aspects to this little clip that make me laugh. First of all is the untidy toy room. Boy was it a mess! Don't worry, it is cleaned up now. Then there are Emily's pajamas that are on backwards. Nice. And of course there is the kicking of the toy bin, and my laughing afterwards, before I even found out if she was okay. (She was just fine, by the way.) I probably won't be winning any mother of the year awards, but please note that this was after she woke us up at 5:30 and before I finished my first cup of coffee.

What a funny morning.

Monday, October 26, 2009

You have GOT to be kidding, right?

Yesterday will go down in the Johnson Family Record Books. It was a very long day and night with a lot of fussiness. The babies were so fussy by 6 p.m. that Scott suggested giving them a bath, since they normally love their bath.

Luckily it worked... for the time being. Not long after we put them to bed at 6:45 did Elsie wake up and start crying. She cried off and on for five hours. Yep, that's right FIVE HOURS. Scott and I heated and re-heated our dinner several times before we took turns eating. Eventually Elsie went to sleep, and then Eli decided to fuss. Finally I had a thirty minute break with no crying that allowed me to chit chat with Becky and my mom on the phone. The weird thing is that Becky and I just happened to discuss how great it would be when our children are out of diapers. I mentioned to her that potty training Emily was pretty easy, and that I could probably count the number of times she wet the bed on one hand.

Boy did I set myself up for that one. Later in the evening, right smack in the middle of Elsie fussing for literally hours on end, Scott was holding Elsie and I decided to check on Emily. Sure enough, she was sound asleep, but had wet the bed. My original thought was, "NO WAY!?!" This child hasn't wet the bed in well over a year! But sure as sugar the sheets were soaked. Poor Emily was so upset when I woke her and she understood what happened.

When that was cleaned up and Emily was back in bed (fully a half-hour later) Scott tried to put Elsie back down in her crib. Well, not only did she wake up, but Eli did too. At this point it was well past midnight. We finally got Eli back asleep, and Elsie was still in Scott's arms while I ran down stairs for some gas drops. While going down the stairs I almost stepped in a giant fresh wet hair ball. Thanks Fred the cat! Seriously? Fussy twins, a wet bed, and now a hair ball? I didn't want to ask what could possibly go wrong next. .

All Scott and I could do was literally laugh out loud. Sometimes the only relief from a fussy night with a baby (or as in our case, two babies) is the sun rise. And basically the end of our long night came with the sunrise and we all got up around six. Scott and I got no rest, but we were in good spirits. Thank God for great husbands. This too shall pass.

We don't know what caused Elsie (in particular) to be so upset last night. We thought maybe it was a new tooth, maybe she was having trouble going to the bathroom, or maybe the new veggie I tried at dinner didn't set well with her? Who knows. All I know was the only sleep she got was when Scott or I rocked her while pacing our bedroom.

I'm hoping that tonight will be a better night. And if it isn't I'm hoping I can keep a great attitude and that I will remember how lucky I am to have a husband to go through it all with me.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Twins Update

I know I posted this picture below, but I kept looking at it and marveling at how much they've grown! Team that up with the awesome weekly posts that Katie does with Henry highlights, and I thought that maybe this once I could go ahead and find time to do the same for Elsie and Eli.

The funny thing about this picture is the story behind the bow. The white headband is plain, and I make bows on alligator clips to put on them, matching her outfit of course. But Eli thinks they are giant toys. He pulled that bow off so many times I can't even tell you. But we (well, I ) wanted people to know that they weren't both boys, so I insisted on putting it back on.

Anyhow, on to the highlights!

- Eli grabs EVERYTHING! From my dinner plate to Elsie's hair, he tries to get his little sausage fingers wrapped around it all.
- Eli is the people person and Elsie is the home-body. Eli isn't afraid of strangers, and Elsie does okay too, but in large groups of people in an unfamiliar setting, she begins to fuss and nobody calms her down but Scott, Emily or me.
- Both babies light up when they see Emily. It is truly fantastic!
- Elsie is the big eater. Don't let Eli the tank fool you! While Elsie is more petite than Eli, she now eats an entire bowl of cereal (sometimes two bowls!) and an entire stage 2 jar of baby food. And after that if Eli is hasn't finished his, she will often eat his as well. Eli eats exactly half of that amount!
- Feeding Eli a bottle (or nursing him) is like trying to feed a bear. He just won't sit still. Elsie likes to put both her hands behind her head as if to say, "Be advised, the princess will eat now."
- Eli doesn't cry. He yells. Loud. Like a little man.
- When nap time approaches, I swaddle both babies and give them a paci. At this point I simply lay Elsie down in her crib and most days she falls asleep without a peep. Eli prefers to be rocked back and forth while I SHHH SHHH him. If he isn't sufficiently asleep when I lay him down in his crib, he wakes up and yells at me, and then we start the whole process again. Luckily Elsie can sleep through her brothers yelling fits.
- Eli's two favorite things are the Jumperoo and the little chameleon on this exersaucer. Elsie's favorite things are any fabric that she can run her long fingernails across, and Dakota, our dog. She cranes her neck to see him.
- Both babies love bath time. Elsie loves when we lay her down in the very shallow water. She kicks her feet so fast and perfectly that I think she's be an excellent freestyle sprint star.
- Both babies have very very blue eyes, and while Eli's hair was blonde from the beginning, Elsie's wasn't. She had darker, longer hair. But while Eli's small amount of hair continues to grow, Elsie's hair has all but fallen out except for the tuft of hair on the top center of her head. (This is the hair that Eli likes to grab.) The hair that has grown in to replace the lost hair is just peach fuzz now, but it is very blonde just like Eli's. It will be interesting to know how it will turn out.

Our sweet twins will be six months next Friday *gasp!* Where did the time go? I'm working on a special 6 month post coming soon.

Fall Festival with the Twins Club

Last night we went to a farm in Lexington for the Twins Club Fall Festival. There was a corn maze, hay ride, tractor race, animals, etc. We had a great time. Emily thought the best part was the giant tube slide. She must have went down that thing a couple dozen times.

Here are some picture highlights!


Last week my parents were here. I can't believe how quickly the week flew by! As always when they leave, it takes me a few days to get over it. Our family is a close one, and sometimes I hurt that we are so far away from them.

However, there is something very special about having an entire week with no work, no commitments, just family together constantly. It is a special time for Emily to have her Grammy and Papa at her disposal for a constant week. She enjoys every minute for sure.
It rained most days, so we spent most of the week inside playing with babies. I didn't take too many pictures but here are a few. The one of my mom and Elsie is a new favorite. Simply sweet! Elsie was being difficult about taking a nap one day, so Mom and I brought her in to lay down between us on the bed. Elsie would turn her head to look at Grammy and just grin! And then she would turn around to the other side to see me and grin again. She loved all that attention!
One evening our friends Amber and Steven came over and we stayed up late and played The Redneck Game of Life. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. It was fabulous! I think you Bakersfield folk should play it, but change the name to The Oildale Game of Life. Simply hilarious!

Emily got a new bike, and found a few non-rainy moments to ride it with Papa. She loves riding it now and shows me all the time how to use the hand brake that Papa taught her about. Apparently if Papa teaches you something it is much better than with plain mommy or daddy teaches you something. Emily also went to the movies with Grammy and Papa. She loved having them to herself. It was a fun time I'm sure!
Finally, here is a picture of Papa reading Chickens to the Rescue to Emily before bed. Of course Papa threw in his own twist at the end when he told Emily that the chickens got cooked the next night for dinner. Oh... my dad. He hasn't changed from when I was a kid!
What gets me through my mopey bummed out attitude when the leave is the excitement that I feel about our December trip. Its less than two month away, or as Emily says "Two flips!" (On the calendar!) I'm sure in a couple more weeks my mom and I will both be on countdown!

P.S. I forgot to mention that Scott took a day off while they were here and we got some pictures taken by a great photographer. I'll post some of those later when they are available! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

On this day..

One year ago today we found out that not only was the pregnancy a healthy one, but we were pregnant with more than one baby!

I remember I was so worried about the my doctor's appt. I prayed and prayed that our ultrasound would reveal a strong and healthy little baby. I kept myself up at night praying and woke up praying. I was so nervous!

On our appointment day Scott came from across town and I told him not to worry about getting there right when the appt. was scheduled because I never got in until at least thirty minutes after the scheduled time. But woudln't you know this one time they got me in the moment I sat down!

Off to the ultrasound rooom I went, nervous and completely scared. I can't tell you how panicked I was, and already a bit upset that Scott wasn't with me. But when the ultrasound tech saw more than one baby, I saw it too! She couldn't say anything without first getting the doctor, but it was sort of hard to hide! Sure enough my doctor came and told me there was more than one.

I called Scott, who was almost to the office. I told him the news, and his very calm reaction, "Oh my. That is funny."

After all my "hyper-prayers" and fear and emotion, God gave us two beautiful babies. I've always felt like it was sort of like him saying, "Could you trust me some? I've got this!"

I will never forget that day. Elsie and Eli are our pure joy. What a difference a year makes, huh? I can't imagine life without our two blessings!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby Dedication

Today was a special day because we had the twins' dedication at church. We had friends that came with us to our church to celebrate, and then back to our house for lunch. It was a great time. Lori brought over a great cake that was perfect for the occasion. And since we're having pictures taken later this week, I went ahead and put them in their matching outfits. Scott of course didn't think this was as grand as I did. He told everybody that the store was out of the matching outfit in his size. :)

First Love

This is Emily and her friend Brock. Brock and Emily met at soccer and were instant friends. He has a twin sister, which Emily thinks is cool. Only later did they find out they are at the same preschool in classes next door to each other. Scott needs to watch out, because Emily thinks her new friend is cute!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hey Grammy and Papa...

We're ready to play! See you on Monday!
Eli and Elsie

Friday, October 09, 2009

Emily's Logic

Today as part of our lunch we had carrots and ranch dip. Here's the conversation that cracked me up.

Me: Hey Em, you need to eat your carrots. You love carrots.

Emily: Mom, I love carrots, but not today.

Me: (smiling) Why don't you love carrots today?

Emily: Because remember those red glasses at the eye glass store that we saw with Daddy?

Me: (Remembering when we picked up Daddy's new glasses OVER A MONTH AGO) Yes, I think I remember

Emily: Well, I think I would be really cute in those red glasses, so I'm not going to eat carrots today

Me: What?

Emily: If I don't eat my carrots, I will have bad eyes, and need those red glasses.

Me: You mean because I told you yesterday about the vitamins in carrots, and how they're good for your eyes?

Emily: (Smiling, like she finally got through to her dense mom) Yeah! If I don't get those vitamins, I think we will have to get my eyes fixed with those glasses, and I would be cute!

Oh Emily! Already manipulating the world in the name of fashion! I'm wondering how long she has thought about those red glasses. Its like she's been trying to figure out a way to get them ever since she found them weeks ago. I want to say it was in August!?! What a memory this tricky girl has! :)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

This is how I do it...

So many strangers see me with the babies, and friends come over to our home and ask the same question: How in the world do I get anything done!?

The real answer is that I get stuff done with the help of Emily.
Here are some pictures to give you an idea.

Could a big sister love her babies any more? I don't think so. She literally has never gotten upset at them, or not wanted them here. They are the first thing she asks about when she wakes in the morning, and she makes sure to kiss them good night before I lay them down for the night.

And because I've been meaning to post a picture of these cute chunky thighs, I will go ahead and attach it now. The pink trimmed socks probably give it away that this is Elsie. I love these chunky things! They always make me smile. I can't tell you how much Eli and Elsie's little bodies are different. Elsie is a very typical "floppy" baby body, filled with rolls and chunk. Eli is a little beef steak with a big head on top, and a body that seems too dense to bend sometimes. He is strong. Just ask Elsie how strong he is. She knows because of the many times he has managed to get a hold of the long tuft of hair on the very tip top of her head. And then he pulls. Hard. Emily and I have figured out not to allow our hair anywhere near him after we've suffered the consequences. Poor Elsie hasn't not figured this out, but gets the lesson re-taught daily.

Anyhow, we're settling down a bit. Still not a lot of sleep for me, but that's okay. I stay okay by staying positive, and its seems to work. This morning we're happy to be at home with no preschool, play dates, or errands. Emily and I just finished making cookies for Scott. Fun stuff!

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Deep breath.

This week is over. Thank goodness!

In the past week we've had a very hard time. Our little babies had a very hard time adjusting to formula, and as a result they've developed reflux. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with them because they weren't eating, and they didn't really spit up at all. After a day of literally spending hours to get them to eat with little success, and with weight gain a constant thought, I called the pediatrician.

We met with him on Thursday and he told me they had reflux that was causing their little throats to be red and raw from acid. Poor babies! He prescribed some medication for them to take, and told me it would be okay.

But once I thought about it, I was really bummed. This only started when we began giving them formula, and we've tried three different types with no change. Of course they will still have SOME formula, but I'm doing everything I can to go back to nursing them for most of their feedings. Then hopefully we can go off the reflux meds.

This will be hard. We will have to work at it, and I think this next week I will feel like all I am doing is feeding babies. But that's okay. Just yesterday I fed them and it was like totally different babies. They were comfortable and full without arching their backs in pain. They slept better last night, and were very enjoyable when they woke this morning. All things that were absent last week.

The past week has been difficult. Scott and I felt like we'd backtracked weeks and weeks and were doing the newborn thing all over again, but this time was honestly much harder. But now we have a plan, and it seems to be paying off.

Now I know why so many of my friends had babies at the same time we had the twins. God knew I would need the support of my girlfriends if I was going to make it. And of course he gave me my awesome mom, who has had near her fill of teary phone calls from me. I'm grateful for the encouragement. I promise to post some pictures of our gorgeous and happy babies soon. They truly are magnificent and beautiful and make this past week's rough journey worth every minute.

Of course there is also Emily, who has had to rough it this week. The poor girl is learning patience whether she wants to or not. Luckily she is not learning to resent her baby brother and sister for all the time they consume from Mommy and Daddy. What an understanding little girl.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dear Mr. Rude man at Wendy's...

I just wanted you to know that I don't blame you for feeling completely embarrassed at the fabulous and wonderful behavior of my three children today. You should feel pretty crumby!

I know you must have assumed that three children out with their mom for a quick lunch must be a nightmare ready to happen with whining, crying, fussing, and complaining... all in high decibels. This assumption was made crystal clear to me when you caught my eye to ensure I saw you rolling yours. And I'm pretty sure all the other tables around understood your displeasure regarding our potentially loud table as you heaved a loud sigh and moved your tray to the other side of the dining area to finish your half-eaten cheeseburger. I don't think you caught my daughter's sincere comment as you passed. She said, "Oh Mommy, that man looks really sad. I'm sorry he's having a bad day!" The neighboring table heard it, which is why they were laughing. Sorry you weren't in on the joke.

So as my four year old showed off excellent diner behavior at this FAST FOOD establishment, and as our two babies cooed and smiled in their car seats, I hope you were pleasantly surprised in the midst of your embarrassment. Children can be taught table manners, and while they don't always chose to use them, they can sometimes surprise us all. Hopefully you can learn a bit about not being rude before you return to another "fine dining" establishment like Wendy's.