Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dear Mr. Rude man at Wendy's...

I just wanted you to know that I don't blame you for feeling completely embarrassed at the fabulous and wonderful behavior of my three children today. You should feel pretty crumby!

I know you must have assumed that three children out with their mom for a quick lunch must be a nightmare ready to happen with whining, crying, fussing, and complaining... all in high decibels. This assumption was made crystal clear to me when you caught my eye to ensure I saw you rolling yours. And I'm pretty sure all the other tables around understood your displeasure regarding our potentially loud table as you heaved a loud sigh and moved your tray to the other side of the dining area to finish your half-eaten cheeseburger. I don't think you caught my daughter's sincere comment as you passed. She said, "Oh Mommy, that man looks really sad. I'm sorry he's having a bad day!" The neighboring table heard it, which is why they were laughing. Sorry you weren't in on the joke.

So as my four year old showed off excellent diner behavior at this FAST FOOD establishment, and as our two babies cooed and smiled in their car seats, I hope you were pleasantly surprised in the midst of your embarrassment. Children can be taught table manners, and while they don't always chose to use them, they can sometimes surprise us all. Hopefully you can learn a bit about not being rude before you return to another "fine dining" establishment like Wendy's.


Grandma Mary said...

I have learned in the thirty+ years of working with the government that once a rude person, the nature is pretty established. I have also learned to deliver a scathing retort to the unsuspecting baffoon while making it sound like sincere concern. Talking to rude, foul-mouthed taxpayers have allowed me to perfect my skills over the last 5 years!
Bring em on!! Just comment with a smile and you will simply ooze sincerity! I promise!
Love my babies - and Mommy & Daddy too!

Adam said...

What was that? I couldn't hear you over the screaming children!

Seriously, you're not allowed to make preemptive moves. I don't get up and change seats at the theater because someone has the potential to make noise (we all have that potential after all).

Meesh Hays said...

Love this.