Thursday, August 21, 2008

First day of school

I didn't get my first day of school picture like I thought I would have. Oh well. IT was a great day. I really love starting on Thursday because after two days I have the weekend to recover, re-evaluate my lesson plans, and reflect. I always seem to forget that the kids that come into my classroom don't necessarily have the idea of community that I wish they did. Either that or they certainly don't have the idea of a community together. I also forget the extreme energy that it takes to get twenty or more kids to all understand the basic concepts about the most simple tasks. They don't know the rituals and routine of the classroom yet, and how should they? They don't know the importance of not whispering to your friend when another classmate is talking. All of these are things to come in the next few weeks. Slowly, but surely. Boy did I forget.

This is a great group of kids and I can't wait for the things to come. I love my job!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Can we find some free parenting classes please?

First of all let me say that I am PRAYING that some baker at Vons was just joking around and eventually frosted in a neat little 2 or 3 in front of the 4. (Shoot, even a one for goodness sake!)

But good gracious, I remember sitting on the couch watching Woody play this game (not the fourth edition, but whatever) and I thought it was horrible for me to watch as a 20-something. But a four year old?
Poor boy!

Friday, August 15, 2008

New Pre-school hair cut

So after weeks of pleading to cut her hair, Scott and I finally gave in and let Emily cut her hair off. She loves it. I must say that it is darling. And most important of all, she loves it. This isn't the best picture, but it is the only one I have so far with her new do.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

That time of year

Every year when I go back to work I struggle with emotion. I fight back tears when I drop Emily off at Shari's (though Em is can't wait to get there and see her friends) and I think about her all day, especially the first few weeks. When I am done at school for the day and I walk out to my car I get this overwhelming desire to get to her as fast as I can. Kind of like a horse who sees the barnyard I guess, but I just can't drive there fast enough.

On the other side is the sheer joy that I feel about my job. I lay in bed before school starts wondering about the new children, their families, and the community we will build together. I get nervous about their expectations, and I wonder about how the first impressions will go. When I am setting up my classroom I really love it.

Somewhere in that emotion is a battle of guilt. And every year I start out feeling guilty about loving my job. It is almost like somewhere deep down I hold this belief that if I was a good mother I would feel guilty and miserable all day without my child. And though I miss her, I am happy at work.

Eventually I get to the point where I am this evening. I am reminded that I am doing the work that God intended me to do. I am not miserable because I love what I do! I find confidence in knowing that God fully gave me a purpose in my life that involves being a great mom, but also involves being a great teacher. And because of Him I can balance both of those things out... eventually.

So next year at this time of year I will probably post something similar. Similar seasons, similar thoughts I guess.It just seems to take me a few weeks at the beginning of every year. But through that process I am again reminded of my purpose. And it makes me feel good all over again when I am reminded of it all over again.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moving closer to domestic diva status

So i decided a few months ago that I wanted to learn to sew. I told Scott that I would like to get a machine, and he nicely replied, "uh... really?" Then he pointed out the half-finished other crafting things that I have never finished. (a crochet blanket, and a needle point pillow case for starters)

In comes neighbor Meesh. She has a machine that she is not currently using and has allowed me to borrow it for the time being. Scott said that if I can finish, actually COMPLETE a project or two, then we could talk about getting a sewing machine.

I have now completed two projects. (sort of) The first was the first of two valances for my classroom. How easy was that! One is already hanging in my room and looks great, so I plan on starting and finishing the second this afternoon during Emily's nap time.

The other project was a sun dress for Emily. It is this cute orange and yellow fabric, and the entire thing is really simple. My mother-in-law came over and was showing me how to work some basic things on the machine, which really helped. THen I was off to finish the dress.

Let's just say that it is something to be desired. When Emily tried it on she said (and I am not exaggerating, this is how my 3 year-old talks) "Mom, this looks foolish. It is really awful."

Nice. So my daughter now thinks that if she wears clothes that I sew that she will look foolish and awful. Oh well. I will try another, but this time with adorable princess fabric that she picked out. (Yes, that was sort of a bribe, but oh well! Maybe she will wear it!)

I will post picture later!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Chicken anatomy for Emily

So this morning I thought that I would cut up a whole chicken and slow cook it. This makes the meat fall of the bone, and it shreds easily, making it suitable for many recipes. Anyhow, as I am knuckle-deep in chicken yuck, Emily walks into the kitchen.
This is the convo that followed:

Emily: Oh mom, what are you doing with that?
Me: I am cutting up this whole chicken so that we can cook it.
Emily: Is that a cat chicken?
Me: No, but what is a cat chicken?
Emily: It is a chicken that is also a cat
Me: Oh. I have never heard of a a cat chicken, but this is not one. This is just a plain chicken.
(Emily at this point sees me whack off a leg and makes a face)
Emily: But what about the eyes and the teeth?
Me: Well, chickens don't have teeth, they have beaks, and the butcher already took of the part with the eyes.
Emily: Oh, well then it must be a fish chicken (We have already had conversations about how the heads with the eyes are already taken off of fish before we buy them. I think this is why she said this.)
Me: Nope, this is just a chicken.
Emily: Oh. Hmmmm....
(Emily walks away.)

Needless to say, I will be shocked if she eats dinner tomorrow night when she finds out that I am serving this chicken. Maybe she will forget. I will keep you posted.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Stephen Curtis Chapman on Larry King Tonight

I have my DVR set. We shall see if I can get through watching it without crying. Let me know if you anybody else sees it.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mundane Malisa

So we are home again. I love my home. I love seeing the progress my garden makes while I am gone on a trip. I love being greeted by my pets. I love the stuffy smell of the garage when I first open it after a long trip. And I really love having my family all together.

Two weeks was too long. Emily and I were both painfully missing Scott by the end of the trip. We couldn't wait to see him. The entire flights home Emily told everybody about how she was going to see her daddy because she missed him, and I just about cried on the way home because I couldn't drive there fast enough!

So now we are back to our normal routine. Mundane, but lovely. I crave the schedule of a day, and the ordinary chores of grocery shopping and picking toys. I mostly really like the predictable nature of our family. I can count on it I guess, and that is why it is so comfortable.

Don't get me wrong, we had a lot of fun seeing everybody. We loved all the trips we took and the precious time we got to spend with family and friends.

But I am so glad that we are home! Remember that the invitation is always open to those who want to come visit!