Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Family on Friday

My mom, dad, sis, and grandma fly in Friday. I am thrilled! However, I wish that I would have thought this through a little more before I had them fly in the day I was done with work. A couple of days to clean and prepare without work would have been beneficial, but oh well. They are staying until the next Friday (can't stay that weekend because of Denise's wedding) and then we have another week until Paul and Mary come. We are going to Disney World with them. They will be with us for a couple of weeks. Then, a couple weeks later, Jenny flies in! I'm so excited about everybody coming. Scott has been painting the upstairs hall, stairwell, and living room. It looks great! One day when we get new flooring this house will look really fabulous. Until then, I just hope our guests don't mind the gnarly builder-grade beige carpet!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

How long again?

Not too much excitement, but here are my random thoughts:

1. School is out next Thursday. We have school on Memorial day (blah). Check out and click on the "some kids in school link or whatever it's called and they show my school to talk about the district not being out for Memorial Day.

2. The day after school's out, my mom, dad, sis, and grandma come. Can't wait. Got some serious house cleaning to do and all that, but I can't wait to go to Charleston and hang out with them.

3. Emily is saying some crazy things. The amount of talk that comes from her is simply astonishing. Wherever did she learn to talk so much?

4. Went out for sushi at this great new restaurant last night called Saki Tumi for a friend's birthday... just the girls. Stayed out entirely too late for drinks and dancing. Didn't have too much problem getting up this morning though... haven't had that much fun in a long time.

5. How awesome is it that I didn't have to worry about Scott and Em? Seriously, he's the best husband ever. Did I mention that he takes care of Em for the month of May? The zoo, park, ect. and he manages to have the house picked up. He's fabulous.

6. Have a church softball game tonight. If I miss a pop fly like I did last week, I think I may cry. :)

7. How long until school's out?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The neighborhood grump

So we have this middle school kid in our neighborhood with one of those pocket bike things. This one seems particularly loud, as it can be heard throughout the entire neighborhood... no exaggeration. The kid drives this thing around and around our neighborhood going in and out of culdesacs and ignoring stop signs almost getting hit by a car at least twice that I have seen. But beyond all of that it is just flat out annoying! He seriously needs a hobby because he rides around for hours at a time. Once a couple months ago he was already at it when we got home from church at 11:45 and he didn't stop until we went back to church later that evening. He must have a gas can stored in his garage because it never stops.

Well, last night Emily was trying to go to sleep at her normal 8 pm bed time. I know the sun is just beginning to go down at this time, but it is still bed time. She was stirring and waking up each time the loud thing went by. I walked out and waited in the middle of the street until he came by, and motioned for him to stop. I asked if he could please not ride after eight in the evening, as little ones like mine find it hard to fall asleep. (Never mind the problem of nap time but since that is in the middle of the afternoon I find that to be my problem and not his.)

He kind of grunted this caveman like grunt and then off he went home. I didn't feel to bad about it at the time, and I was quite please with myself for not going off on him like I have done so many times in my head when he goes by. But this afternoon when I got home Scott pointed out that he was riding his skateboard around and not the pocket bike. I have to say I felt just a little bit guilty... but I soon got over it.

Is anybody else totally annoyed by these things? I grew up in the country with lots of four wheelers and such, but people rode them around the fields where it didn't bother anybody and we couldn't hear the noise over and over and over and over and over again. Would anybody else have done the same thing I did, or am I just a grouch?