Thursday, May 17, 2007

The neighborhood grump

So we have this middle school kid in our neighborhood with one of those pocket bike things. This one seems particularly loud, as it can be heard throughout the entire neighborhood... no exaggeration. The kid drives this thing around and around our neighborhood going in and out of culdesacs and ignoring stop signs almost getting hit by a car at least twice that I have seen. But beyond all of that it is just flat out annoying! He seriously needs a hobby because he rides around for hours at a time. Once a couple months ago he was already at it when we got home from church at 11:45 and he didn't stop until we went back to church later that evening. He must have a gas can stored in his garage because it never stops.

Well, last night Emily was trying to go to sleep at her normal 8 pm bed time. I know the sun is just beginning to go down at this time, but it is still bed time. She was stirring and waking up each time the loud thing went by. I walked out and waited in the middle of the street until he came by, and motioned for him to stop. I asked if he could please not ride after eight in the evening, as little ones like mine find it hard to fall asleep. (Never mind the problem of nap time but since that is in the middle of the afternoon I find that to be my problem and not his.)

He kind of grunted this caveman like grunt and then off he went home. I didn't feel to bad about it at the time, and I was quite please with myself for not going off on him like I have done so many times in my head when he goes by. But this afternoon when I got home Scott pointed out that he was riding his skateboard around and not the pocket bike. I have to say I felt just a little bit guilty... but I soon got over it.

Is anybody else totally annoyed by these things? I grew up in the country with lots of four wheelers and such, but people rode them around the fields where it didn't bother anybody and we couldn't hear the noise over and over and over and over and over again. Would anybody else have done the same thing I did, or am I just a grouch?

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