Saturday, January 31, 2009

Next on the baby to-do list

Now that we know the babies are one boy and one girl, we need to get going with nursery plans. Scott's office is the bigger of the two available bedrooms, so that means we nee to consolidate the office and spare room, leaving his office open for the nursery.

Today's plans include:
cleaning out the downstairs closet and upstairs linen closet
clearing out the spare bedroom closet into the above closets
moving Scott's office closet into the spare room, leaving the office closet empty for baby things
moving the huge office book case into our bedroom
choosing a color to paint the spare bedroom before the computer desk takes up residence there

Seriously, all we wanted to do today was get the office closet cleaned out so baby things could be put in there. But so much has to be done first. Doesn't it seem like a domino effect?

Anyhow, hope everybody's Saturday plans are more interesting than ours! :)
Oh, and here are some pictures of the finished bathroom. The room isn't very large, so taking pictures was a little difficult, but you get the idea. The giraffe gave us some trouble, as the yellow was showing blue through the paint. But Lori is awesome, and she fixed it perfect. I couldn't be more thrilled at how it all turned out, and of course Emily is so happy that she finally has a giraffe on her wall!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Too Excited For Sleep!!

Scott and I both took today off work because we have a dr. appt. at 9:30. Remember that 20 wk. ultrasound that was canceled due to "all that snow" that turned out to be merely a dusting of snow powder? Well today is when it was rescheduled, and seriously I couldn't be more excited! I woke Scott up many time last night, and finally he said, "I know you can't sleep, but could you make sure that I get to sleep?"


Anyhow, I'm sure that if the babies cooperate we will be posting this afternoon about what their gender. Scott and I talked last night, and we really aren't pulling for anything specific... just two healthy babies. How could we ask for more? But even so, I can't wait to find out no matter what the combination or not.

Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Overhead at Restaurant

Saturday night Scott and I were out on a date to celebrate out fifth wedding anniversary. (yay us!) We went to this wonderful restaurant that was very cozy and had great atmosphere and food.

After the check was paid and we stood to put on our coats, I overheard a comment from a table of four women that made me stop dead in my tracks. I don't know what proceeded the comment, but all I heard this older woman say was, "I haven't gone back to that salon since I had my pubes waxed!"

I had to turn my head to keep from showing my grin. After I closed my mouth and contained myself, I shared the comment to Scott who apparently missed it. And once I was safe in the parking lot, I laughed my tail off.

What has been the most random, weird, or obnoxious comment you have overheard in public?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


There was literally just a dusting, but still enough for schools to cancel, and Emily to be thrilled! Scott combined all the snow he could to build her a snowman that stood about a foot tall. After about a half hour, I went back inside for voluntary hot cocoa duty while they continued to play. Emily thought jumping on the snow covered trampoline was the coolest thing ever!

Ethel was not amused at all by the ground. She let me know as much with several loud meows.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bathroom painting

Today my friend Lori and I began painting the bathroom. Previously it had a Hello Kitty theme, with plain white walls. Needless to say it was time for a change. We decided to go with a jungle theme. I bought a a great shower curtain, and Lori is going to show me how to use an overhead to project a picture of the giraffe and a tree from the shower curtain on to the wall to trace and paint.

This evening we got the top part finished. It is sky blue, and the bottom half will be green. Lori hand-drew grass blades that look awesome. We cut in with the blue on top, and will get the bottom green paint on tomorrow.

The weather man calls for snow tomorrow, and the mere threat has already closed both Scott and my school districts. I am thrilled to have another day at home, especially since Lori and I are in the middle of the project, but I am bummed as well because my doc's office called and they cancelled my appt. tomorrow because of the weather. This was the appt. we were waiting for so that we could find out the gender of the babies. I think if I have to wait too much longer it may kill me! What did women do before ultra-sounds?!? We are so spoiled with modern convenience!

Oh, by the way, this is what the downstairs looked like when we finished painting. Emily was thrilled to have Lori's little one, Sarah, over to play with. I think they had fun, don't you? :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I love home

This evening Scott's school had a family movie night. Sounds fun, but I seriously just wanted a night at home after every previous night this week we had something going on.

Probably remembering my sluggishness, Scott offered to take Emily and give me some quiet time at home by myself. My time at home by myself is so little. I could've spent this precious time cleaning out closets, organizing the attic, or doing laundry, but instead, this is how I chose to spend the evening:

First, I had a lovely dinner of Ramen noodles and fresh kiwi (not together...). Yum!
I talked with my mom on the phone.
Then I followed my dinner with some wonderful rocky road while I watched Jeopardy.
I then soaked in the bath tub for so long I had to re-fill the water twice to keep it warm.
And now after my brief blog, I plan on laying in bed to read as much of the third vampire book as I can before my need for sleep outweighs my need to read more about Edward.

I love relaxing in my home. I am grateful for this evening! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday evening

The house looks like we run a day-care center instead of having one 3 year-old. We had a full out rodeo in the living room complete with "cowgirl music" (country), dress up clothes, and stuffed horses. There are toy instruments strewn about the play room, along with dollies, my little ponies, and tinker toys. Emily has even constructed a make-shift "barn" out of blankets and toddler chairs.

Scott and I are relaxing and trying to read our books during the playful chaos that is Emily playing. I have chicken thawed out for dinner which I planned to fix with potatoes and fresh steamed green beans.... But the box of Mac and Cheese sounds more like it tonight.

The cleaning has been relatively accomplished earlier this weekend, and though there is a couple of loads of laundry yet to be started I can't help but thinking, "isn't there always?" Of course we will have toys to clean up and rooms to put back together, but I love this evening. The t.v. is off and we are just with each other, watching Em play and relaxing. What a perfect way to end the weekend!

Hope your Sunday evening was fabulous too, even if it was full of nothingness like ours!

Gran Torino

Scott and I went on a date last night as an early celebration of his birthday. We saw this movie and absolutely loved it.

At first I was a little disappointed when he picked this flick because I really wanted the see the Benjamin Button movie. But now I am so glad we saw this instead. Definitely the best movie I've seen in a long time. Clint Eastwood was awesome!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trying to save some $

So I have already posted a few times about the grocery game thing. Now Scott and I are out to find the best deal for home internet and phone service. Right now we have a "bundle service" for our home phone, internet, and cable. But it is still too high in our opinion.

We have thought about getting rid of our home phone line all together, and going straight to our cell phone for all calls. But that makes me nervous about going over minutes. (I can spend up to an hour Sat. morning talking with Mom) We have thought about going to a digital phone service, and/or we've thought about getting rid of cable.

All things to think about. There are so many different options out there, bundle packages available, etc. I was wondering if anybody else has researched this and if so which carrier did you choose for your own service?

Friday, January 09, 2009

Lots 'o Movement

Today I was totally tired and totally ready for the weekend. But one thing that kept me on my toes all day was the baby movement. I hesitate to call it kicking because I'm not sure they're actually kicks, but nevertheless I was in tune all day with the moving babies. Very cool. Certainly makes the day fun!

Now if I could just figure out what they both are.....
Pregnancy is a lesson in the virtue of patience, and we all know that is the virtue I lack the most!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Double take

Mindy, Mom and I saw this while leaving the Valley Plaza just before Christmas. Mindy suggested that maybe they were representative of the one spouse on the driver's side, and the other on the passenger's side.

Monday, January 05, 2009


The kid cracks me up. That is all there is to it. Here is a little to share with you:

Everybody knows about my recent obsession with saving money at the grocery store. Apparently Emily has caught on to this too. A couple days ago she asked me if I could watch her baby while she went to the market. Then she pretended that her baby asked her something. She responded, "What baby what did you want?" (silence) "Oh I'm sorry. That is not on the list, it is not on sale, and I don't have a coupon."

Then this evening she asked me for a quarter for the candy machine. I told her no, and specifically told her NOT to ask her daddy. Well, he walked up, and she directly asked him for a quarter. I told her she was guaranteed a spank when we got to the car. So I walked her out and swatted her bottom. Not too hard, and not without a ton of clothing padding her little tush. She turned around, gave a big sigh of relief and rambled, "Oh, that was a great spank. I don't mean I liked the spank, but it wasn't the worst, and it wasn't very hard. It was juuuussttt right!"

What am I supposed to do but laugh? She certainly isn't a boring child, that is for sure!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Em's Big Break

I was watching DVRed episode of CSI from last week, and while I was forwarding through the commercials this came on and caught my attention. Meesh's hubby is the promo guy for a local station, and he needed Emily to ham it up a bit for a T.V. commercial advertising a local website for moms. I have been meaning to post it to the blog for a couple of weeks, but kept forgetting until this afternoon when I saw it again.

Kind of weird to see your kid on T.V. when you are watching CSI. :) Scott keeps waiting for the phone to ring and somebody to discover her hidden television talent, but sadly that has yet to happen! :)