Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trying to save some $

So I have already posted a few times about the grocery game thing. Now Scott and I are out to find the best deal for home internet and phone service. Right now we have a "bundle service" for our home phone, internet, and cable. But it is still too high in our opinion.

We have thought about getting rid of our home phone line all together, and going straight to our cell phone for all calls. But that makes me nervous about going over minutes. (I can spend up to an hour Sat. morning talking with Mom) We have thought about going to a digital phone service, and/or we've thought about getting rid of cable.

All things to think about. There are so many different options out there, bundle packages available, etc. I was wondering if anybody else has researched this and if so which carrier did you choose for your own service?


Mrs Lefty said...

Chris and I have a VOIP phone service. It cost us 20 bucks a month for unlimited long distance and local calls. I can spend 20 hours on the phone to my mom or to his dad and still it is only 20 dollars a month.

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

Is this through the internet? And is the service good... meaning, can you have a conversation without any static or delay?

I will have Scott look into this today. Thanks!

Sam said...

Our cable/internet/phone are bundled through Brighthouse and I don't think it's unreasonable (although, we don't have a separate cell phone bill to add to it). We don't have any separate charges for long distance - it's all included, so calling CA costs me nothing regardless of how long I talk. It was significantly cheaper for us to bundle than it had been to have phone and internet/cable separate (nearly $100 a month!)

I have a few friends that use SKYPE for long distance and seem happy with it, but I have no personal experience with it.

Becky said...

It's difficult because I think everything is more localized.

WE've thought about taking the tv out of the living room either before or once Evie comes. We can catch most shows on the internet now and really there's only a couple shows that we regularly watch. mostly trash for me which I could do better with my time. What I'm saying is that you have to think of what is going to be best for you. We have to have internet because of Jay's schooling, but it's a big source of entertainment, for the phones we use our cell phones (we have to think about weekend min. and all that etc. Cable... well it's not really a need but a want. We could do without it.

All this to say it's a difficult decision and I wish you all luck! I don't think you have the same carriers as we do here. Quest and Bresnan.