Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mrs. Shari

There are a lot of growing up moments in our house this year. Elsie and Eli are registered for Kindergarten, and while we are totally excited about this new adventure for them, we were all very sad about their last day with Shari. To be honest, it sort of snuck up on us. Emily started to going to Mrs. Shari when she was just a year old. Since then, I took a year off to be with the kids after the twins were born, and every other year Shari has taken care of them. That means we have been bringing our babies to Shari's house on the way to work for seven years!
Mrs. Shari has been taking care of "teacher's kids" for years, and she knows so much. She rotates toys in and out of the kids' hands, so they don't get bored. Her backyard is like a park. She gets every kid she keeps to nap AT THE SAME TIME which really, is worthy of an award in itself. At the time of writing this, all three of my kids are sleeping. Yes, even Emily. She would take that 1-3 nap every day if she could. My friends are always amazed, and while I would love to take credit for their nap-taking ability, all credit is due to Shari. Another thing my kids all love about Mrs. Shari is the food she serves them. There have been many times I've heated up a hot pocket at school only to remind myself that my kids are eating a much better lunch than I am,and I am so thankful! Their favorite is still baked spaghetti. Years ago Shari gave me the recipe. My kids all informed me that it doesn't taste as good as when Shari makes it. 
Elsie and Eli have already asked when we're going back to visit her and her husband Henry. Scott and I will never forget the way she loves our children, and the way she grew us as parents with her wonderful advice and knowing perspective.  I'm not sure how much time passed between Elsie learning to put her own shoes on by herself, and Elsie actually showing her daddy that she could do it. But I'm sure Shari probably had to surpress a grin as she watched Scott put those shoes on Elsie, knowing that Elsie could do it herself, but chose not to. She knows our children so well!

The last morning that I dropped Elsie and Eli off at Shari's house, I cried all the way to to school. Scott picked them up that final Friday, and my unemotional hubby was a wreck! I know there will be other teachers in their lives who will love Elsie and Eli, just like those who love Emily. I am just so thankful for the love they've been shown by Mrs. Shari and Mr. Henry. We will make sure they never forget!