Monday, January 31, 2011

My morning

Elsie was sick on Saturday morning, and so even though we had great plans to head out and enjoy the wonderful weather, we played it safe and stayed at home. Well wouldn't you know Elsie was fine the rest of the day? Isn't that the way it goes? So of course the next morning we brought her to church. We didn't even think about it. And she was just fine. And then last night happened. Let's just say I elected to use disposable diapers after the first major yucky diaper change. And I felt HORRIBLE for bringing in the church nursery!

So this morning we were left with that big question: Does she go to Ms. Shari's, or do we keep her home? She never ran a fever, and she hadn't had yucky diapers in hours and hours. So we decided to bring her.

Once we got to Shari's house Elsie just didn't seem right. She was too mellow and almost lethargic. Our pediatrician always tells us temperament over temperature, so I decided to call school and tell them I'd need a substitute. I wasn't about to leave my baby feeling so yucky.

So that's what I did. I drove to school so that I could throw together some lesson plans, with Elsie in tow. I still wasn't sure what's wrong with her, but something just wasn't right. Once I got to school, I walked her in on my hip, and when I got about half-way up the walkway to the building, the guy who teaches next to me caught up and asked what was going on. I was just in the middle of explaining Elsie's weird symptoms when Elsie projectile vomited all over me and the pillar I was standing next to.

Horror movies don't have anything on a puking baby for a young guy with no kids of his own. I felt so bad, both for Elsie but also for my friend. It was pretty gross! Needless to say, I never got to my classroom.

I decided to go back to Ms. Shari's to pick up Eli, who surely was exposed to her germs. I didn't want him to pass those germs on to the other littles.

I get him home, and he puked in the driveway.

Nice. So far one of them has been asleep while the other pukes. It has worked out well this way. Because if both of them were up "getting sick" at the same time, I don't know what I'd do.

Its been quite a morning. Luckily in between the piles of yuck on the floor, the dirty diapers, and the crying there have been many moments of cuddling, snuggling and cartoon watching. I love those parts. I'm sure my sweet baby girl and boy will feel better soon. Hopefully its REAL SOON! :) But I'm enjoying my day with these sweeties all the same.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Drapes (finally) and other things

We've lived in this house for almost six years. Hard to believe, eh? During all this time we've almost painted every room in the house. One of the last ones to be done is our bedroom. It has sort of been the last on our priority list. Our bedroom is referred to as the "soccer bedroom" because of its ridiculous size. So painting it has always seemed like it would be a big task.

The previous owner put up some great drapery rods from the four windows in the bedroom. I've always loved the rods, but have never purchased drapes for them. Finally they have drapes! I used some Christmas money and got some great chocolate brown drapes that go great with the color now, but will also be great if we ever get around to painting the room a color we like better.

And this is a picture taken from our bedroom window. We're still snowed in. Its really quite beautiful even though much of the snow has melted away. However there is still a lot of ice on the trees, which means ice on the road. Scary stuff. I doubt we'll go to school on time tomorrow, if we even have school at all.

Monday, January 10, 2011


The weatherman called for snow, which is a rarity in South Carolina. They canceled school today, and announced early last night. So we made sure the kitchen was stalked with milk and bread, and then went to bed last night anxious to see what we would wake up to! It didn't stop snowing until past noon, and we ended up with over seven inches! Wow! What tremendous joy!

I'm sure I've mentioned before about how fabulous our neighborhood is, but let me explain why! First of all, I love that when the weatherman calls for snow, the moms in the neighborhood begin getting out snow pants and passing them around the 'hood to whoever has a child that could benefit from them. Its fabulous! But also I just love that the neighborhood pool area turns in to the coolest sledding hill! Everybody begins to gather and kids go down on sleds, toboggans, or anything plastic they can find.

Here is Emily going down with some friends, and the girls helping each other back up the snowy hill. Emily and I also went down together a couple times. It was a blast!

Eli wasn't such a fan of the snow. He refused to keep gloves on (and they were really only wool mittens) and when he fell in the snow this one time, he freaked out and declared himself "done." I didn't blame him. Elsie was not far behind, as she also didn't care for the cold, but she did manage to have some fun in the wagon with her friend Reagan from down the street. What cute babies!