Monday, January 10, 2011


The weatherman called for snow, which is a rarity in South Carolina. They canceled school today, and announced early last night. So we made sure the kitchen was stalked with milk and bread, and then went to bed last night anxious to see what we would wake up to! It didn't stop snowing until past noon, and we ended up with over seven inches! Wow! What tremendous joy!

I'm sure I've mentioned before about how fabulous our neighborhood is, but let me explain why! First of all, I love that when the weatherman calls for snow, the moms in the neighborhood begin getting out snow pants and passing them around the 'hood to whoever has a child that could benefit from them. Its fabulous! But also I just love that the neighborhood pool area turns in to the coolest sledding hill! Everybody begins to gather and kids go down on sleds, toboggans, or anything plastic they can find.

Here is Emily going down with some friends, and the girls helping each other back up the snowy hill. Emily and I also went down together a couple times. It was a blast!

Eli wasn't such a fan of the snow. He refused to keep gloves on (and they were really only wool mittens) and when he fell in the snow this one time, he freaked out and declared himself "done." I didn't blame him. Elsie was not far behind, as she also didn't care for the cold, but she did manage to have some fun in the wagon with her friend Reagan from down the street. What cute babies!

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