Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Drapes (finally) and other things

We've lived in this house for almost six years. Hard to believe, eh? During all this time we've almost painted every room in the house. One of the last ones to be done is our bedroom. It has sort of been the last on our priority list. Our bedroom is referred to as the "soccer bedroom" because of its ridiculous size. So painting it has always seemed like it would be a big task.

The previous owner put up some great drapery rods from the four windows in the bedroom. I've always loved the rods, but have never purchased drapes for them. Finally they have drapes! I used some Christmas money and got some great chocolate brown drapes that go great with the color now, but will also be great if we ever get around to painting the room a color we like better.

And this is a picture taken from our bedroom window. We're still snowed in. Its really quite beautiful even though much of the snow has melted away. However there is still a lot of ice on the trees, which means ice on the road. Scary stuff. I doubt we'll go to school on time tomorrow, if we even have school at all.

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