Saturday, June 30, 2007

Back to Bloggerland

I am going to try to make the commitment to blog more often. We have been really off schedule lately, due to all things good, but still.

Got back from the whirlwind Florida trip with the in-laws. We really had a great time. Paul and Mary got into Charlotte on Monday of last week (6/18) and stayed in a hotel until we picked them up the next morning. We went to our house, and gave them a tour of our city highlights, including the university. Then the next day it was off to Charleston. Seriously that is one of my favorite cities ever! We have made it a habit to bring guests to Charleston when they visit and to attend a late night walking ghost tour of the city. A great way to see the city buildings and such.

Then it was off to Orlando. We went to every park with breaks in between to visit friends and family. We spent Saturday with the Widlund's which was great to see where they live, their church, and life in Florida. Also it showed Scott and I that the drive really isn't that long from our house. We also got to meet Scott's great-uncle Arthur. Or if you are from Lynn, Mass like him you say "Authoer" or whatever a Bostonian accent would sound like. I could listen to him talk all day!

The "kingdom" is rather large. We left most mornings to a park around nine, and didn't get home most evenings until after nine or ten. Em was a champ, and took her two hour naps easily in her stroller and awoke for more action. We spent a certain somebody's 27th birthday in Epcot in "Italy" where we had a nice dinner, bottle of wine, and Italians playing the accordion and singing.

All and all, a terrific trip. We drove up to Charlotte to drop off Scott's parents, stayed in a hotel (it was late) and then left for shopping (more on that later). We finally got home on Thursday afternoon. Now the laundry is finally finished and life is slowing down. :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Home Inspection Nightmares

I came across this website on home inspection nightmares from This Old House as I was reading I knew Adam would be interested in this but thought others might get a kick out of some of these pictures.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches

These are possibly the best things ever! Has anybody else tried them? I seriously believe that if there are any hopes to me following the weight watchers points system, it will be because I am able to reward myself at the end of the day with one of these. (And hopefully not devour two of them in a row like I did last night... that was not so good!)

Anyhow, I took a rep/cardio class this morning with a friend at the gym, and have also been to the gym both Saturday and Monday. I am feeling sore, but the good sore. I need to decide next if I am going to get in a great day of cardio by means of the treadmill, or swimming laps. I love swimming, and that would be the obvious choice if it weren't for my iPod and the marvelous new songs i have on the "workout" playlist. Can you say Fergilicious? Do you think they will ever make a waterproof iPod? That would be fabulous!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday meanderings

Please somebody come to my house and make my child take a nap! Seriously... Ughh. I think in the next ten I will give up and let her out of her bed. She obviously feels she doesn't need a nap today.

On another note, i wish I would've taken a picture of my last Friday. The first night with all my family here and at dinner Emily decided to poke me right in the eye, bursting all blood vessels to the right of my pupil thingy. It was gross. It hurt. and I was furious. It is almost gone, and though it did heal quickly, I couldn't believe a two year old burst my eyeball like that. Who was giving Emily self defense classes when I didn't know it?

Fam left yesterday. Sorry they're gone, going to miss them, but incredibly joyful to have my own family of three in the house to ourselves. I love my three. We hang rather well with each other.