Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday meanderings

Please somebody come to my house and make my child take a nap! Seriously... Ughh. I think in the next ten I will give up and let her out of her bed. She obviously feels she doesn't need a nap today.

On another note, i wish I would've taken a picture of my last Friday. The first night with all my family here and at dinner Emily decided to poke me right in the eye, bursting all blood vessels to the right of my pupil thingy. It was gross. It hurt. and I was furious. It is almost gone, and though it did heal quickly, I couldn't believe a two year old burst my eyeball like that. Who was giving Emily self defense classes when I didn't know it?

Fam left yesterday. Sorry they're gone, going to miss them, but incredibly joyful to have my own family of three in the house to ourselves. I love my three. We hang rather well with each other.

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