Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sick Mommy

I've fought off being sick long enough, and apparently it has caught up with me. Last night I was sitting at Bible study with some of my favorite people, and it was like I could feel the cold and congestion coming on. My babies have been snotty for weeks now, and apparently they shared with me. I woke up to them fussing around 2 am and soothed and comforted them one at a time only to lay one soundly sleeping in the crib and to have the other wake up all snotty and congested. This went on for hours. All the while I was totally sick. Throbbing temples, congested nose, sore throat, cough. Blah!

Thank goodness for my great friend/neighbor! She works literally beside Emily's preschool. She's told me many times that if I ever have a morning when I can't pull it together that she could drop Em off. Today was that day. I was grateful to have her help me out.

The babies aren't doing so hot today. They were pretty fussy and not wanting to eat at all. Of course with them being twins and weight CONSTANTLY an issue, I was not thrilled at the idea of them barely eating. I was totally emotional (and of course in tears) by the time they fussed and refused a bottle two feedings in a row. Luckily Scott had a half day today and I called and unloaded all my fears and sorrows on him (I know, you're thinking what a lucky guy he is, huh?) After that, I took a good dose of suck-it-up. I think maybe they have a sore throat from all that nasal drip. Doctor told me that happens. So I gave them some Tylenol and they fell to sleep soundly for their afternoon nap. Praise the Lord! Naps are straight from heaven! Its like the ultimate reset button! Hopefully when they wake their little bodies will feel better and they will have a great feeding.

Anyhow, until then I am going to chose to ignore the messy house (and choice I have to make myself do!) and I have resolved to eat my favorite snack of an apple with peanut b butter while I watch a good romantic comedy. Preferably one that Scott can't stand so since he won't be here to complain.

If for any reason we get a visitor this afternoon, I pray that they give us mercy. Our house is a disaster! Thank goodness I have a gracious husband who would never say boo about a mess. I love him for that. And for letting me call and whine. It does make me feel much better!

Monday, September 28, 2009

For Justin

Emily was about 18 months old when this happened. Of course she wasn't riding a bike, she was merely walking. When I saw your post, I immediately remembered her encounter with pavement. I'm sure you will heal up just a pretty as she did! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Randomness

This morning started out a little gloomy both literally and figuratively. I was still very tired when I woke up and among other things the icing on the cake was when I accidently turned the diaper sprayer nozzle around backwards so that it sprayed high power water directly into my face. This was before 7 a.m. and before my first cup of coffee. Not good.

But in spite of it all, we made it to church on time. We didn't miss the first worship song like we've done so often in the past couple months. And the sermon was on 1 Peter 1:3-8 and was fabulous as well. And when the "family number" came across the screen, it wasn't us... thank goodness. They don't post the family numbers up very often, and when they do it is normally a big case of throw up or something equally as urgent. This hasn't ever happened to us (though we have dubbed Emily the "public puker" from past experiences) but for some reason my heart always jumps in to my throat until I can process long enough to know it isn't our number being displayed. Funny thing, those family numbers!

We had a lovely lunch at Panera, and then ran off to run a couple of errands. I'm looking for boy/girl matching outfits for the twins' baby dedication on Oct. 11. You would think this would be easy, but it is surprisingly hard! I wish I could sew!

Anyhow, Sundays are funny days. They start out with the newspaper and coffee and most times a big tray of hot biscuits. Very relaxing. And then the day progresses into a jump start for the next week as Scott prepares lesson plans, and I prepare our home for the following week's events. We always get to bed later than expected. Wouldn't it be nice if we could dub Sunday as fully a day of rest?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Emily's Week

Emily Grace is a very busy girl. Between preschool, soccer, and play dates, this girl has a lot going on. Often I have to remind myself that the one on one time with her is very important, and shouldn't take a back seat to the activities and planning for activities.

This week we have done several crafts, and we've even made a pretend menu for a restaurant called, "Smokey Bones." For my west coast friends... Smokey Bones was a restaurant that Emily really liked but has long since closed.) And we made a fresh apple cake from our freshly picked apples.

Emily has leaned to play by herself more than she had to before the arrival of the twins. But I think that she enjoys some quiet time after the craziness and noise of our home. If only she could clean up her room and find that fun as well!

One highlight this week brought for Emily was the utility work being done on the poles right beside our fence. The man in bucket was very kind to Emily and talked with her a lot (like he had an option not to?) Emily liked to stand on her trampoline and watch their work, and was very excited to see the equipment they used.

Dakota on the other hand was not so thrilled. Luck for the babies and their naps, the utility crew finished up this morning, and will no longer antagonize poor Dakota. But I think Emily will miss them.

Tonight is the Johnson's famous "Friday Family Movie Night." I think we're watching Bedtime Stories, which is now Emily's favorite. Hope everybody has a great weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our week...

This week has been an emotional one. Basically this issue is that I had to realize that in order for the babies to get enough food to sustain them through the night, I was going to have to give them some bottles. Our beloved pediatrician talked with me for a long time and made me feel better for the time that I've made it nursing, and helped me feel less guilty.

We know feed them cereal three times a day, and have just started adding veggies to the mix. They've had peas so far, and they both think that they taste fabulous! Elsie is a better eater than Elias simply because she knows how to manipulate the food with her tongue better than Eli, and he spits out so much in the process. But he sure has fun!

Here are some pictures from this week's feeding times. You may notice that Elsie isn't as dirty as Eli. Eli has a bad habit of pulling his bib over his head, which gets baby food all over his face. Elsie on the other hand doesn't like to touch the food with her hands, and fusses when she gets cereal on her fingers. Therefore, she's learned to keep her hands folded under her bib to keep them from being dirty.

I can't believe how different these two are!

Oh! And those Bumbo seats are FABULOUS! Emily says, "Let's get those babies sitting in the Dumbos!"

Here is the rest of our week in photos!

So what do you think Mom's gonna feed us this time?"

Eli eating peas

Emily helps us feed the babies

Elsie trying to eat her peas.

Mr. Amazing!

This is where I put the twins so I can made dinner. I can see them, they can see me... we're all happy!

Elsie has just figure out that if she jumps, the music and lights go off. It was kinda a big deal!

And finally, here is another Mr. Amazing shown here cleaning out a yucky diaper. Thank God for fabulous husbands!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Outings with the twins

Last night we decided to head out and grab a bite to eat. So we jumped in the car, and off we went!

Uh, no. Actually first we had to make sure both babies were good and fed, their diapers changed, and they were in their jammies in case they fell asleep on the way home. Then we had to pack their diaper bag for all the "just in case" scenarios.

And then, one hour later, we left.

Isn't funny how much two tiny people can change your world? :)

Tomorrow we are going to the early service at church, and then heading out to go apple picking in North Carolina. This has turned out to be a family tradition each year, and one of my favorite fall activities. Its about a two hour drive, and a great day trip. However, I'm already thinking of all the things we will need for the babies.

Maybe Scott and I should start packing the car right after Emily's soccer game this morning?

Oh well. Pictures to follow... that is, IF the camera makes it in the car!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stopping to laugh

Having twins is hard. Sometimes I need to allow myself to say this. I put so much pressure on myself to get the house clean, laundry caught up, and dinner on the table that I forget that normally women have one baby at a time, not two. And two babies at a time is HARD. Saying it doesn't mean I love them any less, it just means that I need to cut myself some slack sometimes.

Well, today I had a moment that just put things into perspective. At first when I saw myself in this moment I thought, "Good gracious Malisa! You need to get more organized! This is ridiculous!"

And then when I realized what I must look like, I laughed out loud.

I had just finished making Emily lunch and she was at the table with her plate. Elsie had been sleeping in her car seat from picking Emily up from preschool, and was beginning to stir. Eli was happy, but quickly turned impatient and hungry. So here I was, totally hungry myself, and realizing that if I didn't find a way to eat now, it could be another hour or more before everybody was fed, dry, and rested.

I managed to nurse Eli while standing at the stove, furiously cramming Mac and Cheese in my mouth, all why rocking Elsie in her car seat and listening to the new song Emily learned at preschool.

Yep. It looked and felt like total chaos. And I've used the word chaos so much in the past week that Emily can now spout out a Webster's worthy definition. But that's the way life is right now. God gave us twins because He knew we could handle it. But that doesn't mean that He doesn't get a big chuckle out of it sometimes as well. There are many times that Scott and I look at each other in the midst of crazy matching poopy diapers, or while holding SCREAMING babies and say that we're glad we're in it together. And as long as we remember to laugh in the middle of the craziest moments, I think we'll be okay!

I just walked in to Emily's room where she should have been asleep. But she was chewing something. When I asked her about it, she pulled an apple slice (from lunch) out of her dress pocket and said, "Mom, I think you need a big pocket full of apples. Then you could eat your food easier." Oh my gosh. This kid cracks me up!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My children, my attitude adjustment

Yesterday was a looooong day. Normally the days fly, but yesterday was one of the few days when time seemed to creep by. The babies were both congested and fussy. Poor Eli's cough keeps him from sleeping very much. And Elsie is just mad that she has snot. I was tired after only a few hours sleep for a few nights in a row. And Emily, who normally goes down for a nap like clockwork, refused her nap. And when she doesn't sleep she turns into a female version of hyper-hypo. I found myself repeating things like, "Emily, don't throw your stuffed alligator into the ceiling fan." and "Emily, please don't chase the cat with the stick."

Needless to say, I couldn't wait for Scott to get home.

Then I realized that Scott had a staff meeting (every Monday) and would probably be home later than normal. Oh. My. Gosh.

It seemed about that time that the babies were REALLY fussy, so I put both of them on their blanket on the floor, and Emily and I tried to console them. Pretty soon Emily had them both cooing at her and smiling. After awhile of that, we propped both babies up with the boppy pillow so that they were facing each other.

What happened next was the coolest thing ever. The twins starting staring at each other and cooing to each other. This one on for five whole minutes. One would make some noise, and the other would just SMILE, and make noise back. They were reaching to grab at each other, and just so happy.

Maybe it was the lack of sleep, or maybe it was the instant attitude adjustment my three precious children had just given me, but I was in tears. And not just the gentle barely-squeak-out-your-eye tears. I mean like, pouring down my face, nose running, please-give-me-a-kleenex box tears. Tears of pure joy. Tears that helped all the negative exit my system as I saw the most precious thing ever.

Of course I had to explain to Emily that I wasn't sad or hurt, but that I was actually really just happy! She thought I was crazy for sure. She kind of looked at me with this bewildered half-smile that said, "Yeah, so, I love you... but you're nuts."

Oh well. I'll take a happy attitude with a side of nuts to a bad attitude any day!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Soccer Game

This morning was Emily's first soccer game. She is on the Bears team, and Daddy is her coach, along with her friend Joseph's dad, Coach Matt. I don't know if you have ever watched four year olds play soccer, but Scott compared it to herding wild cats. He is doing an awesome job coaching though, because all of the kids seem to be having a great time. That's all that matters at this age.

Today's game was a loss, though Emily never asked if they won or not. I guess it just hasn't occurred to her, which is great. She played hard, and ran after the ball. She even scored a goal! Well... a goal for the other team. But who cares, right? She actually ran off the field over to where I was sitting and said, "MOM! Did you see that! I scored a GOOAAALLL!!!"

Yes honey. Yes you did. And if anybody tells you differently, they are wrong. :)

Anyhow, Emily is loving this soccer thing way more than last year's dance fiasco. Hopefully we can continue to expose her to all sorts of activities. Right now she is content to run around her in fancy pink and black shoes and play with her bestest bud Joseph, or as she calls him "Jofus."

Oh, and I included a picture of the spectators. What cute babies, eh?

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I received the latest issue of my favorite magazine, Real Simple, yesterday and sat down to read it with coffee this morning. Each month readers write in with their thoughts on a given topic. This month the topic was about Home. I finished reading what readers described as home to them, and I began thinking of a list of the things that make Home to me. Here's what I've come up with so far:

- Home is having the windows open in the spring and fall.

- Home is my bed piled high with freshly folded laundry.

- Home is the excitement when Daddy comes home from work.

- Home is our dog Dakota being chained to the nightstand so he doesn't go through the trash while we sleep.

- Home is the twins laying in our bed in the morning, laughing and talking to us, and then Emily coming in and making them smile.

- Home is every stain in the carpet, and the memory of what caused each one.

-Home is Ethel the cat waiting for us on the front porch when we return from town.

- Home is Emily begging us to read her another story before bed.

- Home is my vegetable garden, even when it has more weeds than vegetables.

- Home is Emily walking downstairs in the morning while telling us how wonderful breakfast smells.

- Home is sharing coffee, the newspaper, and the couch with Scott on the weekends.

- Home is every neighbor who waves as they pass us in our front yard.

- Home is the tacky rose wallpaper in the kitchen that was hung wrong so the mauve roses grow down towards the floor, and four years of talk about taking it down.

- Home is the view from of the forrest from my patio table while I do my Bible study.

- Home is the dining room that will never be used as such, but rather holds a store-full of toys.

- Home is being too excited to sleep because the next day will bring family to visit.

- Home is the twins smiling when I peak over the crib after their nap.

- Home is family

Saturday, September 05, 2009


Back in June when the babies had their surgery, Scott didn't have such a great morning. He wouldn't even let me talk about for awhile, but now that we're two months or more past it, its time to tell the now-funny story.

I brought the babies in for their pre-surgery appointment at the hospital while Scott took Emily to soccer camp, and then dropped her off at our friend Lori's. After he dropped her at Lori's, I got a call from Lori and she asked me if Scott got a speeding ticket. I didn't know what she was talking about, but apparently Emily mentioned that Daddy got pulled by the police man.


So I called Scott, who in fact had been pulled over and received a speeding ticket. He was NOT happy. I asked Scott if he mentioned to the police officer that he was on his way to the HOSPITAL where his TWO MONTH OLD TWINS were having SURGERY!?! Surely mentioning this would make the cop see that Scott really needed a break. Um, no. It didn't. Scott got the ticket anyway. Oh well.

Now I must mention that I have been pulled over exactly fifteen times. Three of those time were in the same week! However, I've never received a ticket. I've gotten two written warnings, but never a ticket. I'm asking for one, I know.

So anyhow, here is a picture of Emily when she played dress-up to show me how the cop looked and talked. Too funny!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

New Job

Now that I am staying at home full time, I am trying to take over some of the chores around the house that have been traditionally been Scott's responsibility. That way when he's home he can spend time with the babies instead of doing chores.

The latest task has been tackling the lawn. When I first tried to mow the lawn I thought, how hard can it be? Its just like vacuuming the carpet, right? Um.... no! Not so much.

The weather has only been in the seventies, so this morning I put the babies down for their morning nap and set out to mow the back yard. I put the baby monitor on the patio table and pushed the mower out back.

My biggest concern was that I would never get the mower started. So, I nervously pulled on the cord over and over again. Nothing happened. Darn, I just knew this would be the demise of my big plan! But no! I had the thought that maybe the little bar thingy that you have to hold up needs to be pulled WHILE I yank the cord. YES!

So off I go on my lawn-mowing adventure. At first I was pushing up the little hill in our back yard and going along the perimeter. All things were going great, until I got closer to the front fence. This is the area that receives the most water when it rains, and so the grass was much longer and thicker than the rest of the yard.

My mower coughed, sputtered, spit, and then stopped. Darn. I pulled the mower over to its side and saw that the wet grass clippings had accumulated between the mower and the blade. I pulled the clippings out, and tried starting it again. SUCCESS!

Well, then I got another ten feet, and started the entire process again. And again. And again.

Finally I figured out that if I pushed the top of the lawn mower so that the front end popped up, the blade wouldn't go so deep into the grass, and it wouldn't stop itself. So I mowed this portion of the lawn with the end popped up, which mowed the tallest, thickest parts. Then I went back over it with the mower down. Probably not what the Craftsman Owner's Manuel suggests, but meh. I've never been one much for owner's manuals.

I went back and forth, around and around until it looked like the entire lawn had been successfully mowed. Then I went around the yard looking for the places that I'd missed. I'm sure that my way of looking for "tall spots" was similar to the way a hair stylest looks for stray long hairs that escaped the scissors. Let's just say that Wriggly Field won't be calling any time soon in need of my services.

Finally, while I was going through the last patch in the middle of the lawn, something awful happened. I was pulling up on the lever to keep the mower running (I was afraid I wouldn't get it started again if I turned it off!) I was checking the monitor to see if the babies were awake. But while I was stopped, I was standing in a fire ant hill. Yep. Bites all over my ankles. I'd never heard of fire ants until I moved here. But they are awful. And the reason why they are called fire ants has nothing to do with their color, and everything to do with the way they hurt. I now have seventeen little bites all over my right ankle. These bites will end up with a little puss thing on it (like a zit!) and will hurt for a day or so. Ugh!

But hey! I finished! And all before the babies woke up. Thank goodness I inherited my dad's stubborness!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

First day of preschool

Today was "Meet the Teacher" day at Emily's preschool. Grammy sent Emily a special box that we got just yesterday. Perfect timing! It had all sorts of cute clothes, and special new shoes that we love. Here are some shots from the morning. She loved her teachers and was excited to have some friends from last year's class in her class again. Here are some shots form the morning. She is getting so big!