Friday, September 25, 2009

Emily's Week

Emily Grace is a very busy girl. Between preschool, soccer, and play dates, this girl has a lot going on. Often I have to remind myself that the one on one time with her is very important, and shouldn't take a back seat to the activities and planning for activities.

This week we have done several crafts, and we've even made a pretend menu for a restaurant called, "Smokey Bones." For my west coast friends... Smokey Bones was a restaurant that Emily really liked but has long since closed.) And we made a fresh apple cake from our freshly picked apples.

Emily has leaned to play by herself more than she had to before the arrival of the twins. But I think that she enjoys some quiet time after the craziness and noise of our home. If only she could clean up her room and find that fun as well!

One highlight this week brought for Emily was the utility work being done on the poles right beside our fence. The man in bucket was very kind to Emily and talked with her a lot (like he had an option not to?) Emily liked to stand on her trampoline and watch their work, and was very excited to see the equipment they used.

Dakota on the other hand was not so thrilled. Luck for the babies and their naps, the utility crew finished up this morning, and will no longer antagonize poor Dakota. But I think Emily will miss them.

Tonight is the Johnson's famous "Friday Family Movie Night." I think we're watching Bedtime Stories, which is now Emily's favorite. Hope everybody has a great weekend!

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