Saturday, June 26, 2010

She is Grammy. Hear her roar!

After this entire broken leg drama, my mom and I just couldn't handle that, 1. My leg was broken and 2. We lived so far away, and my mom wasn't here to help.

So my dad stepped in. Thank you God. And thank you Dave Driskill. We love you so much! He sent my mom to take care of us for the week, and we couldn't be more grateful.

Last night my mom caught a red-eye and arrived in Charlotte this morning by 9 a.m. Now for some of you, a red-eye sounds atrociously dismal. But I must say... My mom rocks the red-eye. Grammy has this routine down! She drives up in the evening with my dad after he gets home from work. They eat dinner at a snazzy restaurant in Manhattan Beach. Then he drops her off at the airport. She gets there in time to make her flight, and he makes it home before bed time.

Mom has mastered packing her bag in just one suitcase. This shocks and amazes everyone. If you know my mom, you know she has a certain relationship with all things with a sole. But I must say, I didn't believe it at first, but this time she actually traveled with only her carry-on and one suitcase. Nothing checked this time. Mindy is still asking, "But what did she do with the shoes?"

She takes a Tylenol P.M. and sleeps the entire trip. And even though she'll kill me for mentioning, I must add that one time on her red-eye trips she was so "out" after the Tylenol PM that she didn't even notice the horrible turbulence felt by every other passenger on the plane. It wasn't until the plane was taxiing in to the gate that the gentleman beside her said, "Gosh. You were really out. That turbulence didn't even jostle you out of sleep at all!"

But the moment that plane lands, Grammy is ready to go! She always has a fresh change of clothes which she changes in to with a fresh coat of lipstick, and she's off! No jet-lag for this grammy. No way. She's ready to embrace the grandbabies!

So far today she's changed countless numbers of diapers, washed many, many dishes, and cleaned the toys off the floor several times. No breaking her leg! We've had lunch at one of our favorite places, and take-out here at home this evening. She's bathed, read stories, snuggled, and fed all of the kids. She has re-stocked the pantry and refrigerator with every necessity. She was only in the house for an hour before she sent Scott upstairs where he took a much deserved three hour nap.

She is here. She is in charge. She is Grammy. Thank goodness!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The big 3-0!

For my big 3-0, I decided to post the first 30 memories from my life so far as they popped in to my head. So in no particular order of importance or chronological order, here you go:

1. My sister and I acting out horribly non-PC skits with the church puppets one weekend when Mom brought them home to practice a skit for church. I don't think I've heard my parents laugh that hard since.

2. Watching in horror/laughter as Emily pulled the skirt of her dress up over her head for the ENTIRE dance recital routine in front of a crowd of hundreds.

3. The day I called Becky to tell her I was going to marry Scott, even though it was only after the second date. Her response? "But he's balding?" I will never, ever forget that! :)

4. When I was roommates with Jenny, all the times I woke up literally talking a mile a minute as she closed her eyes, put out a hand, and asked me to please wait until she'd at least started to brew the coffee. (I learned to love coffee from her, but I think she soon realized a caffeinated Malisa was even worse!)

5. Standing in the produce aisle in the Save-Mart on the corner of Fruit and McKinley, and talking to Scott on the phone telling me he'd been offered a job/PhD program at the University of South Carolina. I was seven months pregnant. And in my hand that wasn't holding the cell phone, I was holding one roma tomato.

6. When I won a trophy in Kindergarten for the Flower Show (only RBG, huh?) and racing in to my grandparents house to show my Popo. (grandpa)

7. Being at a duel swim meet in high school, touching the wall and pulling my head up to see I beat "that other girl."

8. Sitting in the parking lot at the pool to my (now) neighborhood with my mom, looking at the house Scott and I bought, and then meeting my friend Wyche, my very first friend in South Carolina. She was strolling her new born baby Joe, who was only weeks younger than Emily.

9. In high school, my dad waking me up in the middle of the night after we'd had an argument, and walking through the almond orchards for hours until we'd resolved them. And then going to Zingos truck stop for an early breakfast since it was near 4 a.m.

10. The night Scott proposed.

11. Sitting on the table with the ultra-sound tech and seeing more than one heartbeat.

12. Training at the olympic training center with my college swim team.

13. Running through my grandparents house with my cousins, stealing Grandpas fried chicken as we passed through the kitchen, and healing him cackle as he pretending not to notice.

14. When Jay introduced me to Becky the first time at that weird dance club in Fresno. 804? Or some name like that. We were instant friends.

15. My sister rescuing a kitten from a cardboard box in the parking lot of the salon where she worked at in high school, and convincing me to keep her. I still have that cat. Her name is Ethel. I love her.

16. Sitting in the living room with my dad when the phone rang to hear my mom was in an accident... rear ended by a drunk driver.

17. Walking in to the classroom of my first teaching job ever, and being simultaneously scared out of my mind, and thrilled to no end!

18. Watching T.V. at home on a fog delay morning, I think I was in Kindergarten, and seeing the Challenger explode.

19. The first time I held Emily after the first day of her being in the NICU.

20. The back patio on a Flordora house, and all the conversations Scott and I had with our friends. I still don't remember what Adam and I discussed, but I know it must have been deep.

21. Opening the door as a little kid, and Santa being on the front porch.

22. Driving up to Yerington Nevada as a kid to visit my great-grandparents, and sitting outside to eat Great-Grandma Audrey's chicken and dumplings.

23. The time my mom was trying to teach me how to drive stick, and I couldn't reverse out of a parking spot. I stalled and a car honked. My mom shot out of the car and told the lady to cut me some slack, and have some patience! And then she got back in the car and I saw she was wearing her shirt that said, "Today I will commit to one random act of kindness. Will you?" Ha ha!

24. Singing a solo in the "Angels Aware" choir performance at church with Peggy Biller.

25. Working all those summers at the R.B.G. pool with Ed Edgmon. I wouldn't trade those summers for anything!

26. Driving home after picking up the cake for my big 13th birthday party when a car had pulled out in front of my mom, and she had to slam on the breaks. It landed face down, and was completely wrecked. My mom and I cried and cried, and then laughed hysterically.

27. Bringing the twins home from the hospital.

28. Collecting some random toys with Mindy, and burying them in the backyard with plans to dig up the "treasure" later. I still remember at least two of the toys, and I think they should still be there in my parents backyard.

29. The afternoon after Scott decided to confront his boss, and when I came home I found him in the bath tub with a six pack of beer and Mac Addict magazine.

30. Heading out for a walk with the twins when Scott yelled at me to "come here quick!" And Emily had broken her arm!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cleaning Emily's Room

Right now Emily and Scott are upstairs cleaning Emily's room.

This is a big deal. This could take a lot of time. This could take a lot of energy. This could take a backhoe.

Now I haven't been in Emily's room for a couple of weeks for many reasons. Its at the top of the stairs and down the hallway and with the giant mess that is surely living in there, I'm sure its not handicapped accessible.

And since I haven't frequently the place where she sleeps I really don't know what it looked like before Scott and Emily got started. But from I've gathered, it must be horrible. In the past week I've seen Emily bring down and "put away" about fifteen different stuffed animals and dolls. And then there was the entire tinker-toy Barbie princess palace that surely never got put away. Then there was the time she took al the jewelry out of her jewelry box and put it all on at the same time. And then she "put that away" her "penny collection." A couple days ago she put on five different dresses before choosing one, and since she has never hung up clothes before, I'm certain those things are all on her closet floor. And yesterday she was playing dress up with her multiple Halloween costumes/dance recital outfits. Those, also, are guaranteed to be on the floor. In case you haven't gathered, Emily doesn't "put away" very well.

Of course this is not counting the numerous toys she's gotten out and played with that I don't know about. Or the art supplies at her little plastic desk. Or the "decorations" she told me all about rearranging.

All i can say is that I love my husband dearly. And I appreciate his efforts to return her room to the state it was pre-broken leg. Good Luck Scott. And if I don't hear from you in a couple of days, I'll call the fire department to go in after you!

Scott made it out alive, and is happy to report the room is now clean. He is my HERO! He brought downstairs 5 cups, 6 library books and 1 very large bag of trash. It reminded me of the time I was brave enough to assist Becky in cleaning out the trunk of her car!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Random Monday Post

- I went to the grocery store today with Scott and Emily. Mary stayed home with the twins, so we weren't quite the spectacle. Getting out of the house was good. Even if it was just to the grocery store.

- I'm thinking of cutting off my hair on Thursday. It may be fun to honor my 30th by getting an actual style to my hair. And I think I've let my hair grow long enough to donate to Locks of Love... something I've always wanted to do.

- The babies are getting better at taking one nap per day. We've weened off that morning nap by watching a baby DVD and having a snack. That little quiet time helps them get through the morning without going to sleep. Now their afternoon nap lasts just about two hours. That's a fabulous thing!

- I go back on Thursday for my cast to be put on. I think as soon as we reach that milestone, I won't have to worry about propping for the swelling, and I can find new and inventive ways to help out around the house. Right now I mainly sit with it elevated.

- My ladies group is starting a new Bible study tomorrow on prayer. I'm looking forward to it!

- Scott and I are trying to figure out how to begin moving things in to my classroom. The organizational process of moving in to a new room always thrills me. This was one part of teaching at a year-round school in Fresno that I didn't mind. Yes, I know that makes me a little weird.

-Elsie has learned to blow kisses . This may be one of the cutest things ever!

Happy Monday to everybody!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I will forever set-off airport security

A day after surgery, and here are some of my post-of thoughts:
(WARNING: I'm pretty heavily drugged on pain meds so I'll try my best to make sense!)

- As if our family wasn't already super slow going through airport security, I will now make us even slower. Hello Mr. TSA and his wand.

- Nobody should ever show a post-op patient the x-ray picture of an ankle with seven screws and a plate. Seriously? Wait until the patient is no longer requiring heavy dosages of demoral and then show the picture as a claim to her amazing recovery and general "toughness."

- The wonderful picture of my metal ankle is now hanging on the fridge to remind everybody in the house how super tough Mommy is, and it may also serve as a reminder to pick up the toys!

- The surgery was done at a surgical center. I've never been in a surgical center before, but my first thoughts were that it must cut down on cost. No peeing in a fancy screw top urine specimen cup. They just use a Dixy cup. Scott said it was like surgery with a coupon. I liked this very much.

- I'm amazed at how they numbed my leg. The anesthesiologist isolated my sciatic nerve, and then blocked it. How cool is that? I couldn't even feel anything at all until the block wore off last night around six. That was probably the worst pain I've ever been in. And its over now. So see there? Only good things to come!

- Demerol + Fenergan = Malisa on drugs. There were times today when I couldn't even carry on a conversation, much less remember a conversation had taken place. I hate being out of control like that, but unlike my cesareans, ibuprofen just wasn't going to do the trick this time.

- My husband is awesome. Have I mentioned that lately? He's awesome.

-Scott's dad and step-mom (Paul and Mary) have helped so much with the kids. Its nice to have them here to help in situations like this one.

- While I was in surgery on Friday, Emily had her little performance for VBS. I asked Amber (or Ammer) to go and be Emily's "person." Not only did she record the performance for me to see, but she took Emily to Grouchos for lunch, and then Barnes and Noble. Finally, the went to David's Bridal to try on flower girl dresses. I am so grateful that my Emily had such a great day with one of her favorite people.

- I turn thirty next week, and for my special present, I will get the post-op wrap and splints taken off and will get a new cast to sport. Happy Birthday to me!

-South Carolina still has a drive-in movie theatre. I think I have Scott talked in to taking us there. It should be fun, and its something I can do with my bum leg.

- I got breakfast and coffee brought to me in bed. And this evening I got de-caf coffee and a slice of cake. Yum!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eli's favorite

Eli isn't feeling very well today. I think its his teeth that are trying to poke through on top. But whatever the reason, his not feeling well has resulted in him being very snuggly today. I've been in my chair (where I have been all week!) and he has crawled over to me multiple times to be picked up and snuggled.

This book seems to be his favorite. I've read it cover to cover, twice already today. This has been by far the longest my little boy has ever sat in the same place. I've enjoyed every minute!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Dishwasher

This is the toy of choice for the twins. Especially Elias.

The way our new set-up works the play area is in the large eat-in kitchen area. I sit in my chair and watch as Scott does the kitchen chores. One of my favorite things to watch is when he tries to load the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. The moment he pulls the door down, Eli and Elsie stop what they're doing and crawl straight over to pull themselves up and play in the dishwasher. No other toy holds their attention agains the magic dishwasher.

In order to actually get the dishes loaded, Scott has to rinse every dish and keep them in the sink. Then he opens the dishwasher and loads up as many dishes as possible before the attack of the twins. Its a race every morning to see what he can shove in before they are there to pull the items back out.

And forget unloading the dishwasher when the twins are awake. That job is reserved for when they're napping. There is just no other way to do it. Eli is very helpful with the silverware, however the other dishes he just throws across the floor, resulting in broken items. Its really quite funny.

I guess I should just be thankful they haven't taken an interest in the oven!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Surgery Friday

I went to the doctor today. After he reviewed the x-rays he decided I needed surgery to insert a metal plate to properly set my ankle and foot bone. I'll have a fairly large (4-5 in.... I think that's large!) scar on my ankle and up my leg.

I feel a little guilty about being so bummed. But I have to say I'm bummed. I feel like I'm missing out on the entire summer with my kids. I'm not able to go anywhere like the zoo or anywhere that requires a lot of walking around. And I certainly can't drive myself anywhere.

The worst thing about needing surgery is that my "six weeks" in a cast will start over from the surgery date. I woke up today so excited that one week was down. And now it will have to start over on Friday. I'm sure the time will pass quickly, but it is just a bummer.

In the mean time, Scott is doing everything he can to cheer me up, while he stays up beat. I'm sure the idea of an extra couple of weeks in a cast was not good for him either. I'm sure he's ready for me to be up and back to my normal mommy duties as soon as possible. When the tech took my cast off, I was pretty shocked at the look of my leg. My calf was almost non-existent. I couldn't believe how much my muscle went away so fast. And my foot was bruised all the way around. I couldn't believe it. I told Scott I was embarrassed at how ugly my leg looked. He responded, "Honey, they probably cast penises around here. They won't think anything of your leg." That's my husband. He says the most absurd things with such a straight face, it leaves me to actually have to wonder if he's serious or not.

The most ironic thing of it all is that for my wonderful 30th birthday I will get to go to a post-op appt. to determine if the swelling is down enough for me to get a cast. Ugh. I guess its better than my last birthday .

Okay, so my pity-party is over. I need to stop my whining and realize that in just a few short months, none of the circumstances regarding my broken ankle/leg will matter. When I remember all the drama that came with last summer (Em's broken arm, baby twins needing hernia surgeries, Scott's kidney stones/surgery) none of that matters anymore. There were no lasting effects. Nothing that impacts our lives. It was just a time, and when that time passed, so did the difficulty. I'm sure it will be the same way with my dumb ankle.

I'm taking a class at church on Sunday nights about being a peacemaker. One of the verses we looked at last week was from Philippians 2:5, "You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had." Well that just sort of sets the standard pretty high, huh? :) I will work on that!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Walmart Adventure

Many of my friends know that I'm not a fan of Wal-Mart. In fact, when we lived in California I had so many bad episodes at Wal-Mart that Scott told me I wasn't allowed to shop there. He feared for my safety. There was one time when this man was shouting obscenities at another customer because she accidentally bumped her cart in to his. He continued to shout at her, and she was in tears. I politely asked him to stop. Well, his obscenities were then directed at me and were so loud, the Wal-Mart security guard escorted the man out of the store. And another time this woman on a ride-on shopping cart was busily eating a bag of family-sized Fritos when she accidentally ran me over as I reached for a deodorant from the bottom shelf. Then when she kindly apologized, Frito spewed from her mouth and actually landed on my arm.

It was then that I vowed to shop at Target. I considered the extra money I spent as insurance to my mental stability.

However, when we moved to South Carolina almost five years ago, we quickly noticed that the Walmarts here were very different from the Walmarts in California. They are clean. They are well-stocked. They are not heavily crowded, and the staff are normally friendly.

Well, take that Wal-mart background and consider this adventure:

We were out of many items on Saturday morning. Scott told me that we needed to go grocery shopping, and since he literally hasn't done much grocery shopping since we've been married, he wanted me to come with him. When he suggested I ride on one of the electric shopping carts, I was absolutely mortified. Now I realize that there are many people who rely on these carts to get their shopping done, and I'm thankful the stores provide them. But the idea of sitting in one with everybody watching was a little upsetting. I absolutely refused. Scott didn't understand why, but when I reminded him that we were a family with a five year old daughter, a double stroller carrying twins, a dad, AND A BROKEN-LEGGED MOM IN A RIDE ON SHOPPING CART, he quickly agreed that our family would quickly turn in to the freak show parade upon entrance to Wal-Mart.

So we compromised.

I told him I would ride the electric shopping cart, IF he would drive us all the way to Newberry county so we could do our shopping in that Wal-Mart where nobody would know us.

What can I say? He loves me, and he agreed. Isn't that fabulous?

So off we go on the interstate to Newberry County. Now just think of the logistics of actually getting every out of the car and in to the store! Scott pulled up in front, where I hobbled out. I went inside to figure out if there was a check-out system or whatever was required for me to ride in one of these carts. Then Scott unloaded all three kids with the double stroller and wheeled them in.

And then the freak show parade began.

About the third time somebody said "hahahah! DOUBLE TROUBLE!" to Scott, I thought he was going to explode. I've learned to appreciate the silly comments from strangers, but Scott still gets annoyed, and I'm afraid one day he will spout back, "They aren't any trouble at all, thank you very much!"

This Wal-Mart was far busier than any Wal-Mart we normally frequent, and the crowded aisles made it nearly impossible to make it down the shopping list.

Finally we were almost all the way finished and this big red light started blinking on my motorized shopping cart. Then the beeping started. You know what "beeping" I'm talking about! The "she's going in revers, move the heck out of the way!" beeping. Apparently the battery was going dead, and so the beeping continued until a manager could turn it off. But we didn't know this.

So survey the scene with me. I was in the main aisle of Wal-mart with a beeping, battery-dead motorized shopping cart in a strange town with twins nearing fussy time, and a daughter who appropriately added to the chaos by stating, "I really need to go to the bathroom.... LIKE RIGHT NOW" as everybody watched with sly grins on their faces. Scott and I looked at each other in horror, not knowing what tragedy to conquer first, but knowing that the only one capable of handling ANY of the empended doom was Scott. I was stuck with this awful purple cast on my leg that made me incapable of doing anything worthy of saving the day. So instead, I just began to cry. In Wal-Mart.

Now I'm not saying I know what hell is like, but it can't be too different from what I experienced at Wal-Mart last Saturday. Just sayin'

Scott finally found a manager who came with a new ride on motorized cart. I hobbled over to the new one while Scott unloaded and re-loaded the groceries to the new cart. My foot, which normally remains elevated all day had been down, and was throbbing. And I was so upset by the entirety of it all. Poor, poor Scott.

By the time we got back to our home I was so relieved. I vowed never, EVER to go to a grocery store in a cast again. Our Wal-Mart freak-show parade has made its last appearance.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Emily Grace

I felt the need to update on Emily Grace this evening. This girl is just growing up so fast! This evening we had a birthday party for one of her friends. Emily was to dress up in princess attire for the event. I braided her hair, and she put on jewelry to accessorize. All of the sudden I just couldn't believe how grown up she is! My beautiful little girl will be in Kindergarten next August?! How did this happen? Please tell me how!

So, in light of that realization that hit me like a ton of bricks, I bring to you an update on Emily Grace:

-Emily tells me all the time that she is going to marry Peter Pan. When she's playing make-believe, she is always the mom, Peter is the dad, and she has boy/girl twins names Brock and Jordan. (Brock and Jordan are actually two boy-girl twins who were on Emily's soccer team, and go to her preschool.)

-Even though her "babies" are named Brock and Jordan, the rest of her dolls and teddy bears still have food names. Her favorite bear is names Guac (as in guacamole) and her first ever dolly she still refers to as Sushi. We thought these names would eventually be replaced, but so far they've stuck.

-Emily cracks me up with her names for things. She refers to my crutches as stilts. She refuses to understand what I'm talking about if I call them "crutches."

-When my grandparents called the other day, Emily got on the line to say hello to them. But rather than get on the phone with a polite "hello!" she said, "What's up!" ---- I still don't know where that came from.

-Emily is in a phase where clothes fit in to one of three categories: itchy, too tight, or too loose. There is no in-between. There is no winning the argument. It doesn't matter how new or old the clothes are. She will complain. I solve this by saying very sweetly, "You have two minutes to put on any top and any bottoms that you chose or you get a spank. Then, if you still don't get dressed, you will have a spank for every minute that goes by." You would be surprised how many mornings we go through this. And now that I have a broken leg Em thinks maybe she can get away with this. But darnnit if Mommy isn't the MOST STUBBORN MOMMY IN THE WORLD! She even climbs up stairs one-legged like to make sure Em gets dressed. --- My goal is to have this phase come to an end before Kindergarten starts. And if you were wondering, yes... we've had lots of "interesting outfits" the past few weeks. But at least she's dressed.

-Emily loves My Little Ponies. She likes to line them all up and play "Pony Parade" for her brother and sister. Elsie thinks this is fabulous, but Eli just likes to knock them down and giggle.

-Emily is happiest when she plays outside. Since I haven't been out to the garden much, she often comes inside to show me all the tomatoes she's picked. Some are read and ready to eat, and others... well... not so much. We haven't had a single tomato in a salad yet because Emily eats them all the moment they are ready. I'm glad she likes tomatoes.

- Emily was in the kitchen the other day when I was complaining to Scott about somebody. Emily gently touched my arm and said, "Jesus wants you to be nice to everybody Mommy. Even the annoying ones!" I would have probably cracked up if I didn't feel so convicted by my five-year old! I was reminded again how much we model 100% of the time... even when we think they're not listening!

- AND FINALLY: This evening as we talked about the up and coming chick-fil-a down the street (the source of all things wonderful!) Emily said, "Mom, if they don't build toys in there like McDonalds did, I think we should take our bucks someplace else!"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Too much to ask?

So I was talking with my mom via email today, and I shared this dream with her. Thought I would share it here too!

Next week is my appt. where I find out if I need surgery to repair this ankle/bone issue. As I sit in my chair in my empty room, I keep thinking about how this appt. could go. I keep asking God to preform some sort of miracle. And then I day-dream about the possibilities. Somewhere on the line of "knowing our God can do anything" and "being extremely impatient and selfish" my dream falls somewhere toward the latter. However, who are we to determine what our God can do, right? So with that, I give you my day-dream:

I walk in to the x-ray room after they remove my adorable purple cast. The x-ray tech takes a few pictures of my ankle/leg. He reviews the computer images before coming in and, seeming dissatisfied with the images, takes a few more with different angles. He examines those, and just while I am beginning to think I caught the guy on his first day of work ever, he leaves with the images. He interrupts the orthopedist who is in mid-consult with another patient. "Doc, you have to see this!" The tech shows the doc the images, which reveal no break at all! They keep thinking there must be something wrong with the angle, and the doc orders the tech to take one more x-ray.

After the x-ray shows the same result, and after much head scratching and eye brow wrinkling, the doctor has no other choice by to send me home with no cast, and no explanation.

The next day I get up, and notice the scale shows I've lost another two pounds and am still on track for my weight loss. I decide that since my leg is feeling good as new, I should continue with my jogging plan. I head out down the road with a skip in my stride. Just as I'm rounding the bend, Bono from U2 begins singing "Its a Beautiful Day" as the forrest squirrels, deer, and birds all sing along.

So I ask you... is that too much? It could happen, right? Okay.... so take out the part about Bono, and couldn't my leg be healed in just one week? I think I'm going to goole it to find out if its ever happened before. I'm losing my mind with all this time on my hands.

Thankful Thursday

Here's a list of things I'm thankful for today:

- All the meals brought by neighbors and friends. I'm quickly thinking we may be the neediest family in the SJP, and I'm looking forward to returning the favor. We've had some amazing dinners. What a load off to not worry about dinner!

- The neighborhood girls: So far we've had three different "mommy helpers" come over and play with the twins. I can't even carry a baby because of the crutches, so its so nice to have young girls come over and help us with the babies.

- Scott has a meeting today. He really needed a break, so these meetings that he has all day today and Friday are really great for him.

- I'm thankful for Scott's step-mom, Mary, who is taking care of us today, and Meesh who is taking care of us tomorrow.

- Yesterday Meesh brought us a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. They were fabulously wonderful. Not sure if that makes a her a good friend or not! :)

- McDonalds. Unhealthy? Yes. But it made for a great drive-thru lunch today that served as a chance to get out of the house.

- Time. I'm thankful for time to sit in my chair and plan for next year. I've already bought a teaching lesson plan book. Sounds lame. But I'm excited!

- Blocks. I stack them up. The twins knock them over. They think its hysterical every time. Glad I can make them laugh. It makes me feel better.

- Brownies. One of the sweet kids down the street just brought me the sweetest homemade card and a plate of (still warm) brownies.

- Eli's chocolate face after he helped me eat a brownie.

- Watching Robin Hood with Emily in our bed. Fun times.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Big Good News!

When we first decided for me to stay home, we thought it would be just for the one school year. It made sense because it would be Emily's last year before she went to Kindergarten. As this year went on, I went back and forth so many times about what I wanted. I absolutely love staying home with my kids, but I do miss teaching very much.

A few months ago we got a call from Shari telling us she would have two openings for the twins. This was absolutely delightful! We never imagined she would have even one, much less two spots for the twins. This was really when I began thinking and praying about returning.

I went to the job fair last winter. It was me and every student from USC graduating with a teaching degree. I handed out my resumes, and talked with the principals. Than a couple weeks ago I got a few calls to go on interviews.

On Monday I got a call offering me a teaching position. I don't want to get too detailed, as the paperwork is still being finalized at the district office. But I can say its not at the same school that I left, but it is fourth grade with people that I know well. I'm excited. I'm ecstatic actually!

At first when I broke my leg (also on Monday!) I was furious that this was taking away from the excitement about finding a job. But now I'm thinking of it as a an opportunity for me to sit down and plan. I have so many thoughts about so many things. Now I'm spending my time with my notebooks and professional development books. I'm enjoying coffee in my chair, while the kids play, and I read through my books. I'm doing everything I can to be positive, and focus on any benefit that can be found with a broken leg.

I'm looking forward to everything this next school year will bring, and while I will certainly miss being with my kids all day, I will also look forward to balancing life between my passion to teach and my passion to be the best wife and mom I can be.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I'm over it

So I've tried this entire broken leg thing, and its just not working for me. I'm over it.

Scott has been tremendously helpful, but not being able to walk over to the crib and pull out an upset baby makes me so upset. Its hard to depend on everybody to do everything for me.

The orthopedist said that in one week they will remove the cast and x-ray my ankle again to make sure the leg bone hasn't slipped. If it does slip, they will have to surgically put in a plate to correctly stabilize and align it. The doctor said that while it could happen, it isn't likely. I'm concentrating on the "not likely" part.

Things I'm thankful for today:
- My husband is fabulously awesome. End. of. story.
- Emily shampooed and blew dry my hair today. What a sweetie!
- My neighbors brought us a delicious dinner this evening.
- I probably won't have surgery. Fabulous news!
- Scott is home. Thank goodness!
- The babies like to crawl over to my chair and pull up with their hands in the air until I pick them up and put them on my lap.
- The cast is great at protecting my ankle/leg from babies pounding their toys on it.
- The doctor was very nice, and very helpful.
- The doctor agreed that ibuprofen was sufficient, and didn't say I needed to take that other pain med.

All in all, great things. Really great things. Six weeks in a cast will go by fast, and I'm sure it will all be over soon.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Oh Bother

So I broke my leg today. What a bummer.

The kids were outside, the twins in the stroller, and I ran back in to get the beach towels that were in the exact place Emily said they weren't. I was rushing to get back out to the babies, when I tripped over this toy and landed on my ankle.

It hurt pretty bad, and I was rolling around screaming for Scott. Then when he got there I screamed it him to leave me alone and told him that I would be fine. Funny how we treat those we love when we're in pain.

Eventually we went to the urgent care where an x-ray revealed it was indeed broken. I go tomorrow to the orthopedist where I plan on talking him in to giving me just a walking cast. Surely he will agree, right? I'm praying he will. I was given some oxycodine which I didn't fill at the pharmacist. I'm already part crazy, so giving me that type of medicine would result in a full out whack-o Malisa. All prescription pain meds give me horrible nightmares, make me nauseous, or both. I'd rather take ibuprofen.

So right now I am already bored to tears, thinking of all the things I wanted to get done today, and probably won't get to do for another four to six weeks. Holy goodness. That's a long time! I'm also pretty bummed that I was doing so well with my running routine, and now that is obviously out. Surely they make video exercise dvd's for people with broken limbs, right? If not, then I know what my "get rich quick" idea will be! :)

Until then I am thanking our Father for the wonderful friends who came and watched our kids so Scott could drive me to the hospital. And our friends that brought us dinner. What fabulous people. And I'm also praising God for knowing how much I would need a husband like Scott. He doesn't need to be told what time the babies need to be fed, or changed, or put to bed. He knows how to do everything around the house, and effortlessly slipped in to the roll of both dad ad mom as he fed the twins and put them to bed. He is just that fabulous. And my sweet Emily is worried about my leg, and already gave me her "get well soon" bear that she got when her tonsils were taken out. I just love that girl.

I'm thinking this is the verse I need to memorize this week:

"See, God has come to save me. I will trust in him and not be afraid. The LORD GOD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation."
Isaiah 12:2