Saturday, June 19, 2010

I will forever set-off airport security

A day after surgery, and here are some of my post-of thoughts:
(WARNING: I'm pretty heavily drugged on pain meds so I'll try my best to make sense!)

- As if our family wasn't already super slow going through airport security, I will now make us even slower. Hello Mr. TSA and his wand.

- Nobody should ever show a post-op patient the x-ray picture of an ankle with seven screws and a plate. Seriously? Wait until the patient is no longer requiring heavy dosages of demoral and then show the picture as a claim to her amazing recovery and general "toughness."

- The wonderful picture of my metal ankle is now hanging on the fridge to remind everybody in the house how super tough Mommy is, and it may also serve as a reminder to pick up the toys!

- The surgery was done at a surgical center. I've never been in a surgical center before, but my first thoughts were that it must cut down on cost. No peeing in a fancy screw top urine specimen cup. They just use a Dixy cup. Scott said it was like surgery with a coupon. I liked this very much.

- I'm amazed at how they numbed my leg. The anesthesiologist isolated my sciatic nerve, and then blocked it. How cool is that? I couldn't even feel anything at all until the block wore off last night around six. That was probably the worst pain I've ever been in. And its over now. So see there? Only good things to come!

- Demerol + Fenergan = Malisa on drugs. There were times today when I couldn't even carry on a conversation, much less remember a conversation had taken place. I hate being out of control like that, but unlike my cesareans, ibuprofen just wasn't going to do the trick this time.

- My husband is awesome. Have I mentioned that lately? He's awesome.

-Scott's dad and step-mom (Paul and Mary) have helped so much with the kids. Its nice to have them here to help in situations like this one.

- While I was in surgery on Friday, Emily had her little performance for VBS. I asked Amber (or Ammer) to go and be Emily's "person." Not only did she record the performance for me to see, but she took Emily to Grouchos for lunch, and then Barnes and Noble. Finally, the went to David's Bridal to try on flower girl dresses. I am so grateful that my Emily had such a great day with one of her favorite people.

- I turn thirty next week, and for my special present, I will get the post-op wrap and splints taken off and will get a new cast to sport. Happy Birthday to me!

-South Carolina still has a drive-in movie theatre. I think I have Scott talked in to taking us there. It should be fun, and its something I can do with my bum leg.

- I got breakfast and coffee brought to me in bed. And this evening I got de-caf coffee and a slice of cake. Yum!


Nancy said...

Does this mean when you "put on God's armor" that from now on you already have one permanent "boot of Peace"?
So glad it's over and all went well. And now may the countdown begin again!!

Diane Ware said...


I've been following the updates on your leg and finally figured out how to leave a comment! Yikes! And your birthday is coming, too! You'll get thru it but I'm sure you'll be checking the days off on the calendar! PTL for your wonderful hubby. You were so right when you said God knew the man you'd need. Hang in there and I know this birthday will be memorable to say the least!