Monday, June 21, 2010

Random Monday Post

- I went to the grocery store today with Scott and Emily. Mary stayed home with the twins, so we weren't quite the spectacle. Getting out of the house was good. Even if it was just to the grocery store.

- I'm thinking of cutting off my hair on Thursday. It may be fun to honor my 30th by getting an actual style to my hair. And I think I've let my hair grow long enough to donate to Locks of Love... something I've always wanted to do.

- The babies are getting better at taking one nap per day. We've weened off that morning nap by watching a baby DVD and having a snack. That little quiet time helps them get through the morning without going to sleep. Now their afternoon nap lasts just about two hours. That's a fabulous thing!

- I go back on Thursday for my cast to be put on. I think as soon as we reach that milestone, I won't have to worry about propping for the swelling, and I can find new and inventive ways to help out around the house. Right now I mainly sit with it elevated.

- My ladies group is starting a new Bible study tomorrow on prayer. I'm looking forward to it!

- Scott and I are trying to figure out how to begin moving things in to my classroom. The organizational process of moving in to a new room always thrills me. This was one part of teaching at a year-round school in Fresno that I didn't mind. Yes, I know that makes me a little weird.

-Elsie has learned to blow kisses . This may be one of the cutest things ever!

Happy Monday to everybody!

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Jenny said...

Yes! Get a haircut. So fun! That would be perfect for your return into the professional world as well as turning 30.