Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cleaning Emily's Room

Right now Emily and Scott are upstairs cleaning Emily's room.

This is a big deal. This could take a lot of time. This could take a lot of energy. This could take a backhoe.

Now I haven't been in Emily's room for a couple of weeks for many reasons. Its at the top of the stairs and down the hallway and with the giant mess that is surely living in there, I'm sure its not handicapped accessible.

And since I haven't frequently the place where she sleeps I really don't know what it looked like before Scott and Emily got started. But from I've gathered, it must be horrible. In the past week I've seen Emily bring down and "put away" about fifteen different stuffed animals and dolls. And then there was the entire tinker-toy Barbie princess palace that surely never got put away. Then there was the time she took al the jewelry out of her jewelry box and put it all on at the same time. And then she "put that away" her "penny collection." A couple days ago she put on five different dresses before choosing one, and since she has never hung up clothes before, I'm certain those things are all on her closet floor. And yesterday she was playing dress up with her multiple Halloween costumes/dance recital outfits. Those, also, are guaranteed to be on the floor. In case you haven't gathered, Emily doesn't "put away" very well.

Of course this is not counting the numerous toys she's gotten out and played with that I don't know about. Or the art supplies at her little plastic desk. Or the "decorations" she told me all about rearranging.

All i can say is that I love my husband dearly. And I appreciate his efforts to return her room to the state it was pre-broken leg. Good Luck Scott. And if I don't hear from you in a couple of days, I'll call the fire department to go in after you!

Scott made it out alive, and is happy to report the room is now clean. He is my HERO! He brought downstairs 5 cups, 6 library books and 1 very large bag of trash. It reminded me of the time I was brave enough to assist Becky in cleaning out the trunk of her car!

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Grandma Mary said...

I too have survived a visit to "The Emily Room". What she lacks in put-away talent she makes up for in loving and huggy talent.
I hope she never changes her loving cleaning part may need a little work.