Thursday, June 24, 2010

The big 3-0!

For my big 3-0, I decided to post the first 30 memories from my life so far as they popped in to my head. So in no particular order of importance or chronological order, here you go:

1. My sister and I acting out horribly non-PC skits with the church puppets one weekend when Mom brought them home to practice a skit for church. I don't think I've heard my parents laugh that hard since.

2. Watching in horror/laughter as Emily pulled the skirt of her dress up over her head for the ENTIRE dance recital routine in front of a crowd of hundreds.

3. The day I called Becky to tell her I was going to marry Scott, even though it was only after the second date. Her response? "But he's balding?" I will never, ever forget that! :)

4. When I was roommates with Jenny, all the times I woke up literally talking a mile a minute as she closed her eyes, put out a hand, and asked me to please wait until she'd at least started to brew the coffee. (I learned to love coffee from her, but I think she soon realized a caffeinated Malisa was even worse!)

5. Standing in the produce aisle in the Save-Mart on the corner of Fruit and McKinley, and talking to Scott on the phone telling me he'd been offered a job/PhD program at the University of South Carolina. I was seven months pregnant. And in my hand that wasn't holding the cell phone, I was holding one roma tomato.

6. When I won a trophy in Kindergarten for the Flower Show (only RBG, huh?) and racing in to my grandparents house to show my Popo. (grandpa)

7. Being at a duel swim meet in high school, touching the wall and pulling my head up to see I beat "that other girl."

8. Sitting in the parking lot at the pool to my (now) neighborhood with my mom, looking at the house Scott and I bought, and then meeting my friend Wyche, my very first friend in South Carolina. She was strolling her new born baby Joe, who was only weeks younger than Emily.

9. In high school, my dad waking me up in the middle of the night after we'd had an argument, and walking through the almond orchards for hours until we'd resolved them. And then going to Zingos truck stop for an early breakfast since it was near 4 a.m.

10. The night Scott proposed.

11. Sitting on the table with the ultra-sound tech and seeing more than one heartbeat.

12. Training at the olympic training center with my college swim team.

13. Running through my grandparents house with my cousins, stealing Grandpas fried chicken as we passed through the kitchen, and healing him cackle as he pretending not to notice.

14. When Jay introduced me to Becky the first time at that weird dance club in Fresno. 804? Or some name like that. We were instant friends.

15. My sister rescuing a kitten from a cardboard box in the parking lot of the salon where she worked at in high school, and convincing me to keep her. I still have that cat. Her name is Ethel. I love her.

16. Sitting in the living room with my dad when the phone rang to hear my mom was in an accident... rear ended by a drunk driver.

17. Walking in to the classroom of my first teaching job ever, and being simultaneously scared out of my mind, and thrilled to no end!

18. Watching T.V. at home on a fog delay morning, I think I was in Kindergarten, and seeing the Challenger explode.

19. The first time I held Emily after the first day of her being in the NICU.

20. The back patio on a Flordora house, and all the conversations Scott and I had with our friends. I still don't remember what Adam and I discussed, but I know it must have been deep.

21. Opening the door as a little kid, and Santa being on the front porch.

22. Driving up to Yerington Nevada as a kid to visit my great-grandparents, and sitting outside to eat Great-Grandma Audrey's chicken and dumplings.

23. The time my mom was trying to teach me how to drive stick, and I couldn't reverse out of a parking spot. I stalled and a car honked. My mom shot out of the car and told the lady to cut me some slack, and have some patience! And then she got back in the car and I saw she was wearing her shirt that said, "Today I will commit to one random act of kindness. Will you?" Ha ha!

24. Singing a solo in the "Angels Aware" choir performance at church with Peggy Biller.

25. Working all those summers at the R.B.G. pool with Ed Edgmon. I wouldn't trade those summers for anything!

26. Driving home after picking up the cake for my big 13th birthday party when a car had pulled out in front of my mom, and she had to slam on the breaks. It landed face down, and was completely wrecked. My mom and I cried and cried, and then laughed hysterically.

27. Bringing the twins home from the hospital.

28. Collecting some random toys with Mindy, and burying them in the backyard with plans to dig up the "treasure" later. I still remember at least two of the toys, and I think they should still be there in my parents backyard.

29. The afternoon after Scott decided to confront his boss, and when I came home I found him in the bath tub with a six pack of beer and Mac Addict magazine.

30. Heading out for a walk with the twins when Scott yelled at me to "come here quick!" And Emily had broken her arm!


Diane Ware said...

I loved this post, Malisa. How well I remember you from those summers at the RBG pool too. I will never forget you swimming beside Rachel, encouraging her all the way, to see if she could swim the length of the pool. What a great mentor Ed was/is.
Happy 30th!!!

Barbie said...

Loved this too! I may have to steal it for my 30th (with my memories, of course)! Some made me laugh (Like your hubby with the beer and magazine soaking in the tub-- or the "but he's balding" comment) and some brought back my own fond memories or growing up with cousins and my sister. HAPPY 30th! Hope you were able to enjoy yourself for a bit, despite the broken leg.

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

Barbie- I seriously need to link your blog. I love reading about your fam!

Diane- I treasure so much from those days at that pool! What beautiful children I got to work with! And now they're so big! Graduating high school and the like! Unbelievable! I'm reminded to steal an extra snuggle from m precious three. It goes by all to fast!

Adam said...

Oh, we never talked about anything deep, did we? ;-)

I still miss those days. It would have been fun to have you up at the cabin in Shaver this last weekend, hanging out on the deck into the wee hours.