Saturday, June 26, 2010

She is Grammy. Hear her roar!

After this entire broken leg drama, my mom and I just couldn't handle that, 1. My leg was broken and 2. We lived so far away, and my mom wasn't here to help.

So my dad stepped in. Thank you God. And thank you Dave Driskill. We love you so much! He sent my mom to take care of us for the week, and we couldn't be more grateful.

Last night my mom caught a red-eye and arrived in Charlotte this morning by 9 a.m. Now for some of you, a red-eye sounds atrociously dismal. But I must say... My mom rocks the red-eye. Grammy has this routine down! She drives up in the evening with my dad after he gets home from work. They eat dinner at a snazzy restaurant in Manhattan Beach. Then he drops her off at the airport. She gets there in time to make her flight, and he makes it home before bed time.

Mom has mastered packing her bag in just one suitcase. This shocks and amazes everyone. If you know my mom, you know she has a certain relationship with all things with a sole. But I must say, I didn't believe it at first, but this time she actually traveled with only her carry-on and one suitcase. Nothing checked this time. Mindy is still asking, "But what did she do with the shoes?"

She takes a Tylenol P.M. and sleeps the entire trip. And even though she'll kill me for mentioning, I must add that one time on her red-eye trips she was so "out" after the Tylenol PM that she didn't even notice the horrible turbulence felt by every other passenger on the plane. It wasn't until the plane was taxiing in to the gate that the gentleman beside her said, "Gosh. You were really out. That turbulence didn't even jostle you out of sleep at all!"

But the moment that plane lands, Grammy is ready to go! She always has a fresh change of clothes which she changes in to with a fresh coat of lipstick, and she's off! No jet-lag for this grammy. No way. She's ready to embrace the grandbabies!

So far today she's changed countless numbers of diapers, washed many, many dishes, and cleaned the toys off the floor several times. No breaking her leg! We've had lunch at one of our favorite places, and take-out here at home this evening. She's bathed, read stories, snuggled, and fed all of the kids. She has re-stocked the pantry and refrigerator with every necessity. She was only in the house for an hour before she sent Scott upstairs where he took a much deserved three hour nap.

She is here. She is in charge. She is Grammy. Thank goodness!


Jill said...

Good job, Dave!! So glad your mom is there to help! Enjoy your time together, I know you will!

Nancy said...

Yea!! that our SOLE SISTER arrived and is hugging those babies, both young and old (well, older, not old)!!

Colleen said...

Let's hear it for the Grammys! You are in good hands my dear.

Anne said...

When our new baby arrives in December, do you think we could borrow Grammy just for a few days??? [Just kidding! :)]

Glad she's here to help and spend time with you guys! Enjoy your visit.

Colette said...

That's our girl, that Grammy! And whatta guy that Dave is, eh? Love you and praying for you all!

Adam said...

Hey, I'm retiring Gustav's Groupie and reopening shop at Bench Dog for a new start. Update your blogroll and bookmarks if you so choose.

GG will shut down tomorrow (July 2).