Thursday, July 01, 2010

Today's adventures with Grammy

Today we decided to go out and do a few things. You may be surprised to know everything we did, and when I tell you, you may wonder how in the world we did it all with my broken leg. Let me just say this: I'm glad we all had a sense of humor about it all. But I will get to that in a minute.

First of all we decided to go and get Eli's hair cut for the first time. We took him to this awesome place in Forrest Acres called Hair Doodles. I have to say I was a little nervous that he would throw a huge fit. However, the lady that cut his hair did an awesome job. First of all, she had a special seat for him. She got him all strapped in and then she gave him a small cup of animal cookies. She also gave him a toy with buttons. Eli loves buttons. How could he not have a great time? Cookies and a toy and he was ready to go! I have to say that Jenny from Hair Doodles did a magnificent job. And Eli did a magnificent job at staying still... or as still as a fourteen month old little boy can manage. Looks pretty good, don't you think?

Next we went to Chipotle. This is the only Chipotle anywhere near us, so whenever we trek out to Forrest Acres, Chipotle is always the lunch spot of choice. The babies and Emily ate quesadillas, and the rest of us had burritos. It was fabulous as always.

After that we drove back to our side of town to do some shopping. We went in to Kohl's to look for some baby things for Miss Elsie Faith. We thought she would stay in her twelve month clothes a little longer, but her rolly polly legs didn't allow for it. She is officially in 18 month clothes. We also wanted to get Emily some new "First Day of Kindergarten" outfits.

Well, here is where we run in to the problem. I have no problem going in to Chipotle, and other places and soon finding a seat. Getting from point A to point B doesn't bother me. But when I'm standing around on my crutches for a long time, my one leg gets tired.

We first walked in to Kohl's and I automatically began thinking, "Wow. This store is much bigger than I remember." I guess everything seems bigger and farther away when you have to rely on crutches. After just a little while standing around and shopping for baby clothes, my leg began to hurt because it was so tired. I kept trying to mentally chant to myself, "You are a flamingo. Think like a flamingo." But it just didn't work. Finally I told my mom that I would just wait in the car. I didn't want to ruin everybody else's fun and make them leave, so I thought waiting in the car was a good solution.

But Grammy didn't agree one little bit.

She told me no, that waiting in the car would not work, and she immediately got that "I'm thinking of a plan" look on her face. I started to object, but she put up her finger to remind me once again that she would not take no for an answer. The next thing I know she tells me to "wait right here" and she took off in the opposite direction.

We already went by customer service and found they had no accommodations to help a one-legged mommy shop, so I couldn't figure out what in the world Grammy was up to. The next thing I know she returns holding one of these:

That's right. Grammy went to the outdoor furniture section and found a chair for me to sit in. After we finished in one section of the store, Scott would wheel the babies in the stroller over to the new section, I would crutch myself behind, and Grammy was followed, dragging the outdoor lounge chair behind her.

Yep. That's our Grammy. She doesn't take "no" for an answer.

The best part about this story was telling my dad. I told him the entire story and as he cracked up in the phone, he said, "Yep. We're from Taft!" Hysterical. Absolutely hysterical!

The final part of our day was when we stopped for ice cream. Marble Slab is one of my favorites. Its like Cold Stone, but local, and much better. Scott stayed in the car with the twins while we went in and ordered our ice cream. When we returned to the car Scott mentioned that the twins were getting pretty fussy. Once again Grammy had the situation under control. Don't you like how she handled it?


edluv said...

wow, your boy looks so old. time flies.

(and i love your expression in the mirror)

Nancy said...

Just TOO funny!! I have to agree, my favorite part is your picture in the mirror!

Diane Ware said...

Loved your expression in the mirror, too! So glad your mom (and dad) came to the rescue!

Heather and Travis said...

Grammy is the best! Sounds like she is taking great care of everyone!

You two look so much alike!

Jenny said...

Glad your mom is there. Sounds like she has everything under control.