Friday, August 31, 2007

I thought I would pass this deal along since this is the last day at You can buy $25 gift certificates to many restaurants in your area for $4 and you get a free $10 gift certificate to wherever. There are some limitations: only good Monday - Thursday . . . you can use one certificate once a month and with one party . . . you can't combine certificates.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

8 things

Here are the rules:
- Each player starts with eight random facts about themselves.
- Those who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight facts and post these rules.
- At the end of the post, choose some people to get tagged and list their names.

So here are my 8 facts about myself:

1. When I was little I decided I didn't really want a little sister, so my parents helped me put postage stamps on her forehead and tried to put her in the mailbox to send her back. It didn't work, but by the time I figured that out I decided I didn't want to send her back after all. I bet my parents counted on me changing my mind, but I have always wondered what they would have done if I hadn't?

2. My favorite time of the week is Sunday morning before church when we all eat breakfast together, followed by Scott and I drinking coffee and reading the newspaper while Emily watches cartoons.

3. At school I like getting the "bad kid" that nobody wants. I guess I am prideful in a way that makes me think I can do what they can't.

4. I was born in Taft. (big sigh)

5. One of my biggest fears is that one day Scott is going to get so mad at my cat's (ethel) devious acts that he will make me get rid of her, and I know nobody else would want her, and a shelter would euthanize her. I think about this too often. (and it doesn't help when she goes into Scott's walk-in closet and pees all over his silk ties. or when she waits for the moment we get home from a trip, makes eye contact with us, and pees all over the kitchen rug.) Thank goodness I have a patient and loving husband.

6. I have an addiction right now with a local Italian cafe that makes their own gellato. I could go there every night.

7. As a nine year old I remember watching the coverage right after the 1989 San Fran earthquake. While taking a bath that night my dad climbed under my bed. Then when I climbed into bed for the night and the lights were out he started jumping up and down, shaking me and my bed. I should be seriously scarred for life after some of the crazy things he pulled with us.

8. One of the biggest things I miss about CA is sitting on our back patio with friends late at night.

Justin, Julie, and Dana... if you take the time, you're next.

Monday, August 27, 2007

"Looks like somebodys got a case of the Mondays"

Fifty percent of my struggle with going to the gym is getting my bag together the night before so I can shower there and make it to work on time. So last night when I was getting things ready for the week I put together my bag of things for the morning shower at the gym. I put everything in the car, including my school bags, lap top, etc.

So this morning when the alarm went off at 5:15 I didn't mind getting up because I was well prepared, and that's half the battle, right? I even had new gym clothes which is always a plus. I change and walk out the door and drive the few miles it is to the YMCA.

WHen I get there I realize I can't find my gym card. As I rummage threw my bag I feel a sting on my pinky finger. I take it out to look, and realize I have caught the tip end of my finger on the four-bladed razor in my shower bag. Oops. The darn thing took the entire top off, making my nicely rounded finger into a flat top. It was bleeding like crazy.

Luckily I found a wash cloth and wrapped around my profusely bleeding finger so that I can drive home. It didn't stop bleeding for long time, and now it looks gross as you can see the actually chunk that is missing. I bet if I go back to the razor I could actually find it.

Ughh. And all I wanted to do was get a workout in.
Other than that, my Monday went fine. Anybody else?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

And... they're off!

We are back from our trip. We spent time with family, the funeral was arranged beautifully, and Scott gave a beautiful eulogy that I know honored David. Seriously, the boy can write. It couldn't have been worded more eloquently, and I was proud of him for it all.

Now school has officially started. We got back for CA in the wee hours of Monday morning, and then I was up at 5:30 to get to work early and make up all that I didn't get to do the days I was out the week before. Meetings, and then Thursday was our first day with students. I have a great class of 20 (how I love not teaching in CA) who all seem excited to be fourth graders.

Luckily, Scott's start is a little slower than mine, as he began with student interns this past week, started a class today, begins teaching and taking another this week, and then his final class he's taking doesn't begin until mid-September. He is busy, don't get me wrong, but it is staggered. This has been great, because of all that he has done around the house to make up for when we were gone. How thrilled I was to return home last Mon to have my laundry all clean and folded!

Emily started back with Ms. Shari, and she is thrilled. The only drama in her two year-old life is that her special friend T.J. went to Kindergarten this year, and she misses him. Other than that, and she's having a ball.

Today I made a to-do list that included going to Sam's, the market, cleaning toilets, and vacuuming the carpet. I got the shopping done, but think I'd rather take a nap. It's been a long, but good week.

(my first day of school picture to follow)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sad News

Many of you had the chance to meet my brother at our wedding a while back and said how much you enjoyed meeting him for the first time. Sadly enough, my brother David passed away early this morning. We believe he died in his sleep and the nurse was alerted when his ventilator alarm went off. The paramedics, and later the emergency personnel, attempted CPR on him but couldn't revive him. We don't believe he was in any pain. We are not sure what he died from but it seemed he may have died from a massive heart attack. When I visited last month, he had two orange-size cancerous tumors, diabetes, he couldn't eat, couldn't drink, malnourished, we could no longer understand his speech, and he was extremely depressed. Because of the pain he was in, they had him on many drugs to make him comfortable. While he was painfree for the first time in months, we only shared about 20 words during my 7 day visit but it was enough time to tell him I loved him.

We are heading to California tomorrow (Tuesday) until Sunday to help with arrangements and the funeral. You can contact us through email or cell phone. You are welcome to the funeral once we know when and where it is.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Heat = Lazy

This week was my last full week off before I return to work Thursday 8/16. Normally before school starts I have this unyielding list of things that I want to do around the house in order to make the return to school more pleasant for everybody. The list usually includes things like cleaning out the pantry, donating used clothing to Goodwill, cleaning out the garage, and weeding all the flower beds. Basically things that will surely get put on the back burner once the shot gun start signals school.

However... this year is quite different. In case you aren't like my grandpa who watches the weather channel regularly, I'll update you to our heat wave weather in the Carolinas. Yesterday the temp was 107 with a heat index of 118 with the 90% humidity. It was the hottest day on record ever for our state. Holy Crap. It was hot. It has been like all week. We have a break today with the temp only reaching 99 (normal average temp for August is 90) with a heat index of 110.

Now I have had plans in the back of my mind to do fun stuff with Emily like go blueberry picking in Lexington. Not-a-gunna-happen. We have stayed in-doors all week, literally not using a backyard once, and Emily has broke records herself with the amount of t.v. she's watched. Typically I turn off the t.v. and make everybody mad at me, but lately there just isn't anything else to do. There is only so many pictures you can water color paint, and animals you can make out of play dough. We have spent time at the library, and reading many books. Emily has been quite taken with Peter Rabbit.

Add to that the number of times we have eaten out this past week (1- because we just needed to get out of the house and 2- because I wasn't going make anything that required using heat) and you have a truly disrupted Johnson household.

So please, somebody tell me that my child's brain isn't going to fry from too much television this week, and that the Johnson's will transition to the school time schedule even easier after this much needed lazy time. Please somebody, reassure me! :)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Heat and two year olds

It was 106 today in Columbia, with a heat index and humidity making it feel like 115. It hasn't been this hot since 1901. What do you do when it's this hot? Emily doesn't seem to notice, and can't understand why Scott and I won't go out to play. Seriously, when it's in the nineties by 8 am we just aren't going to be going out to play. So that leaves us with an ancey toddler stuck indoors for multiple days at a time. Oy Veh. We have watched entirely too much television. I have refused to cook, resulting in eating out way too often, and eating only fresh fruits and other cool things at home. And it feels way too hot to be so close to the end of summer.

On another note, there were two shark attacks on our favorite local beach (Isle of Palms) today. Yes Jenny, this was where we played in the ocean with Ryan and Emily. Oops.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Okay, so I finally broke down and got a facebook account. I tried the myspace thing, but after I kept randomly sending out porn, I decided that was a no go. So, I will try out the facebook thing and see how that goes. If you have an account, find me because I am having a hard time figuring out how to do that.

Monday, August 06, 2007

ED in 08

I came across this website via one of my RSS feeds and I had to get this to Ed in some way. Make sure you order the T-shirt in the free kit.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Living in the moldy south

Houses in the south are composed of brick, vinal siding, or a combination. Our home like most in our neighborhood, has vinal siding. It is white with black shudders. The worst thing about vinal siding is the mold that grows all over it. I am not sure if brick grows mold too, but I think probably so. We get an average of 48" of rain, so you can imagine the brown and green guck that attaches to the sides of our home.

When we first moved in Scott immediately went out a bought a preassure washer to take care of the mold. Our neighbor gave him a quick schooling of what chlorine product to buy, how to apply it, and how to spray it off. He took care of it, but now two years later it has to be done again. The process is he sprays a chlorine product on, lets it sit, scrubs it with a nylon brush, and then sprays it off with the high power preassure washer. That would be easy, except for the two story part. Scott has been dragging that ladder all over the house, raising, leveling, lowering, and climbing it. Poor Scott. I feel bad sitting inside with the air conditioning.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ma Bell

"It's a great day for education, because we now have substantial alignment among all the key constituents--the public, the education community, business and political leaders--that results matter." -- Harold McGraw III of McGraw Hill speaking at a dinner hosted by President Bush back in 2002. What he really meant was, "It's a great day for textbook companies. This new pres is going to make me rich!!!"

Looks like Houghton Mifflin is buying McGraw Hill for a reported 4 billion. I guess if I wanted to be rich I could have trashed this whole teaching thing and gone into the textbook industry. That's where the money is, apparently. I hope some antitrust lawyer is pursing her lips together...thinking... Hmmmmmmm.

Oh, and Murdoch bought the Wallstreet Journal. Fabulous.