Saturday, August 11, 2007

Heat = Lazy

This week was my last full week off before I return to work Thursday 8/16. Normally before school starts I have this unyielding list of things that I want to do around the house in order to make the return to school more pleasant for everybody. The list usually includes things like cleaning out the pantry, donating used clothing to Goodwill, cleaning out the garage, and weeding all the flower beds. Basically things that will surely get put on the back burner once the shot gun start signals school.

However... this year is quite different. In case you aren't like my grandpa who watches the weather channel regularly, I'll update you to our heat wave weather in the Carolinas. Yesterday the temp was 107 with a heat index of 118 with the 90% humidity. It was the hottest day on record ever for our state. Holy Crap. It was hot. It has been like all week. We have a break today with the temp only reaching 99 (normal average temp for August is 90) with a heat index of 110.

Now I have had plans in the back of my mind to do fun stuff with Emily like go blueberry picking in Lexington. Not-a-gunna-happen. We have stayed in-doors all week, literally not using a backyard once, and Emily has broke records herself with the amount of t.v. she's watched. Typically I turn off the t.v. and make everybody mad at me, but lately there just isn't anything else to do. There is only so many pictures you can water color paint, and animals you can make out of play dough. We have spent time at the library, and reading many books. Emily has been quite taken with Peter Rabbit.

Add to that the number of times we have eaten out this past week (1- because we just needed to get out of the house and 2- because I wasn't going make anything that required using heat) and you have a truly disrupted Johnson household.

So please, somebody tell me that my child's brain isn't going to fry from too much television this week, and that the Johnson's will transition to the school time schedule even easier after this much needed lazy time. Please somebody, reassure me! :)

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