Thursday, August 09, 2007

Heat and two year olds

It was 106 today in Columbia, with a heat index and humidity making it feel like 115. It hasn't been this hot since 1901. What do you do when it's this hot? Emily doesn't seem to notice, and can't understand why Scott and I won't go out to play. Seriously, when it's in the nineties by 8 am we just aren't going to be going out to play. So that leaves us with an ancey toddler stuck indoors for multiple days at a time. Oy Veh. We have watched entirely too much television. I have refused to cook, resulting in eating out way too often, and eating only fresh fruits and other cool things at home. And it feels way too hot to be so close to the end of summer.

On another note, there were two shark attacks on our favorite local beach (Isle of Palms) today. Yes Jenny, this was where we played in the ocean with Ryan and Emily. Oops.

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