Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nicaragua Water Project

Emily's class has learned all about water this year. They've learned how much water a child in the U.S. uses and how that compares to children in other countries. They've learned about the availability of water here, and how its not always available in other parts of our world. The result is an effort to raise money for clean water for children in Nicaragua. Scott and I are continually amazed and thankful for this wonderful class and their fabulous teacher. Amazing, right?

Oh, and by the way. In the shot of the whole class, our kid is the one on the top left. Apparently the tree is attacking her. It wouldn't be Emily unless a tree attacked her, or the like! :)

Check out the video here.

Spring Top Ten

Spring is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. Today I woke up so aware of the blessings in my life that I couldn't contain myself. I've always been a list person, so I thought it would be appropriate to begin a list of everything Spring is bringing to life.

1. Our kids. I need to get more pictures posted this afternoon because they are so stinking cute.

2. April is always strawberry month. Last Saturday was the first time we went this season. We picked three gallons of berries. Right in the middle of the picking, the skies opened up and the rain came down, like torrential downpour rain. My kids giggled and stomped in the mud, and rather than the rain ruining out time, it actually made our time better. I loved it.

3. Spring Break.

4. The animals are out. Last week I came upon seven deer crossing the road. One stopped and just stared at us for what seemed like minutes. Even Eli said, "Whoa Mommy. Stop. Stop. Stop!" And Emily has a new pet turtle named Prince Phillip. He was found by a pond, an Em is sure he already loves her. Oh, and I can't forget the wrens, larks, hummingbirds, jays, and cardinals who come to our feeders in the backyard. I watch them and am reminded of our Creator's creativity.

5. Only four more weeks until I'm a stay at home mom again for the summer. I have so many plans for this summer!

6. Our pool doesn't open until the first of May, however, our kids are having a blast playing with water in the backyard. The three of them played outside for over three hours straight yesterday afternoon and on to evening. It was fabulous to watch them play together. I pray that they will continue to love and enjoy each other every day like yesterday.

7. My Bible study is in the middle of an awesome Beth Moore study of the Tabernacle. The study book is called A Women's Heart: The Dwelling Place of God. We're half-way through and I already think I like it more than Daniel or the Patriarchs, which is saying a lot. I've learned so much already.

8. Cleaning. I have some cleaning to get to, and some of it is slowly being cleaned off the list. But doing this with twin two year olds is not always convenient to say the least. However, the other day I was trying to figure out how to mow the lawn with the twins out there with me. I flooded one of my raised vegetable beds that doesn't have any plants in it yet, and then stuck the twins (in diapers only) in the middle of the muddy mess. Then I closed the garden gate and mowed the lawn! I felt quite accomplished when I was done, and thankful for my Rosedale roots! We Rosedale gals know how to get something done! :)

9. Right now there are so many flowers blooming. My favorite is the purple lantana that has overtaken my flower bed in the front yard. I love the flowers all over the yard!

10. The kids are growing. And growing. And Growing! Emily can read so many books its amazing. Every day she seems to amaze us with the growth she's making as a reader and a writer. And the twins seem to learn more words a day than I can keep up with. Right now Eli calls Elsie "Aya" and Elsie calls Eli "Makeen." I have no idea why, but watching them communicate with each other is just about the best thing ever.

Well, later this morning the twins both have dentist appointments. I'm not sure that appointment will be much of a blessing, but we'll see!