Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nicaragua Water Project

Emily's class has learned all about water this year. They've learned how much water a child in the U.S. uses and how that compares to children in other countries. They've learned about the availability of water here, and how its not always available in other parts of our world. The result is an effort to raise money for clean water for children in Nicaragua. Scott and I are continually amazed and thankful for this wonderful class and their fabulous teacher. Amazing, right?

Oh, and by the way. In the shot of the whole class, our kid is the one on the top left. Apparently the tree is attacking her. It wouldn't be Emily unless a tree attacked her, or the like! :)

Check out the video here.


Meesh Hays said...

Oh, I am so glad you reminded me to watch the video. Now we need to watch it together and put names with faces - well, I have already put some names with faces and I want to see if I am right.

Oh, Emily, were you playing the role of a sowntrodden Guatemalan girl having ot haul her own bucket of water? Or was it just one of those days where things were not going as you had planned? Sweet girl. Mmm.

Meesh Hays said...

Er, "downtrodden"...