Monday, August 13, 2007

Sad News

Many of you had the chance to meet my brother at our wedding a while back and said how much you enjoyed meeting him for the first time. Sadly enough, my brother David passed away early this morning. We believe he died in his sleep and the nurse was alerted when his ventilator alarm went off. The paramedics, and later the emergency personnel, attempted CPR on him but couldn't revive him. We don't believe he was in any pain. We are not sure what he died from but it seemed he may have died from a massive heart attack. When I visited last month, he had two orange-size cancerous tumors, diabetes, he couldn't eat, couldn't drink, malnourished, we could no longer understand his speech, and he was extremely depressed. Because of the pain he was in, they had him on many drugs to make him comfortable. While he was painfree for the first time in months, we only shared about 20 words during my 7 day visit but it was enough time to tell him I loved him.

We are heading to California tomorrow (Tuesday) until Sunday to help with arrangements and the funeral. You can contact us through email or cell phone. You are welcome to the funeral once we know when and where it is.


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