Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ma Bell

"It's a great day for education, because we now have substantial alignment among all the key constituents--the public, the education community, business and political leaders--that results matter." -- Harold McGraw III of McGraw Hill speaking at a dinner hosted by President Bush back in 2002. What he really meant was, "It's a great day for textbook companies. This new pres is going to make me rich!!!"

Looks like Houghton Mifflin is buying McGraw Hill for a reported 4 billion. I guess if I wanted to be rich I could have trashed this whole teaching thing and gone into the textbook industry. That's where the money is, apparently. I hope some antitrust lawyer is pursing her lips together...thinking... Hmmmmmmm.

Oh, and Murdoch bought the Wallstreet Journal. Fabulous.

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