Friday, August 03, 2007

Living in the moldy south

Houses in the south are composed of brick, vinal siding, or a combination. Our home like most in our neighborhood, has vinal siding. It is white with black shudders. The worst thing about vinal siding is the mold that grows all over it. I am not sure if brick grows mold too, but I think probably so. We get an average of 48" of rain, so you can imagine the brown and green guck that attaches to the sides of our home.

When we first moved in Scott immediately went out a bought a preassure washer to take care of the mold. Our neighbor gave him a quick schooling of what chlorine product to buy, how to apply it, and how to spray it off. He took care of it, but now two years later it has to be done again. The process is he sprays a chlorine product on, lets it sit, scrubs it with a nylon brush, and then sprays it off with the high power preassure washer. That would be easy, except for the two story part. Scott has been dragging that ladder all over the house, raising, leveling, lowering, and climbing it. Poor Scott. I feel bad sitting inside with the air conditioning.

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