Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I'm over it

So I've tried this entire broken leg thing, and its just not working for me. I'm over it.

Scott has been tremendously helpful, but not being able to walk over to the crib and pull out an upset baby makes me so upset. Its hard to depend on everybody to do everything for me.

The orthopedist said that in one week they will remove the cast and x-ray my ankle again to make sure the leg bone hasn't slipped. If it does slip, they will have to surgically put in a plate to correctly stabilize and align it. The doctor said that while it could happen, it isn't likely. I'm concentrating on the "not likely" part.

Things I'm thankful for today:
- My husband is fabulously awesome. End. of. story.
- Emily shampooed and blew dry my hair today. What a sweetie!
- My neighbors brought us a delicious dinner this evening.
- I probably won't have surgery. Fabulous news!
- Scott is home. Thank goodness!
- The babies like to crawl over to my chair and pull up with their hands in the air until I pick them up and put them on my lap.
- The cast is great at protecting my ankle/leg from babies pounding their toys on it.
- The doctor was very nice, and very helpful.
- The doctor agreed that ibuprofen was sufficient, and didn't say I needed to take that other pain med.

All in all, great things. Really great things. Six weeks in a cast will go by fast, and I'm sure it will all be over soon.

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