Thursday, June 10, 2010

Too much to ask?

So I was talking with my mom via email today, and I shared this dream with her. Thought I would share it here too!

Next week is my appt. where I find out if I need surgery to repair this ankle/bone issue. As I sit in my chair in my empty room, I keep thinking about how this appt. could go. I keep asking God to preform some sort of miracle. And then I day-dream about the possibilities. Somewhere on the line of "knowing our God can do anything" and "being extremely impatient and selfish" my dream falls somewhere toward the latter. However, who are we to determine what our God can do, right? So with that, I give you my day-dream:

I walk in to the x-ray room after they remove my adorable purple cast. The x-ray tech takes a few pictures of my ankle/leg. He reviews the computer images before coming in and, seeming dissatisfied with the images, takes a few more with different angles. He examines those, and just while I am beginning to think I caught the guy on his first day of work ever, he leaves with the images. He interrupts the orthopedist who is in mid-consult with another patient. "Doc, you have to see this!" The tech shows the doc the images, which reveal no break at all! They keep thinking there must be something wrong with the angle, and the doc orders the tech to take one more x-ray.

After the x-ray shows the same result, and after much head scratching and eye brow wrinkling, the doctor has no other choice by to send me home with no cast, and no explanation.

The next day I get up, and notice the scale shows I've lost another two pounds and am still on track for my weight loss. I decide that since my leg is feeling good as new, I should continue with my jogging plan. I head out down the road with a skip in my stride. Just as I'm rounding the bend, Bono from U2 begins singing "Its a Beautiful Day" as the forrest squirrels, deer, and birds all sing along.

So I ask you... is that too much? It could happen, right? Okay.... so take out the part about Bono, and couldn't my leg be healed in just one week? I think I'm going to goole it to find out if its ever happened before. I'm losing my mind with all this time on my hands.

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Jenny said...

You crack me up. Sorry I missed your call today. I'll try getting in touch with you tomorrow.