Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Surgery Friday

I went to the doctor today. After he reviewed the x-rays he decided I needed surgery to insert a metal plate to properly set my ankle and foot bone. I'll have a fairly large (4-5 in.... I think that's large!) scar on my ankle and up my leg.

I feel a little guilty about being so bummed. But I have to say I'm bummed. I feel like I'm missing out on the entire summer with my kids. I'm not able to go anywhere like the zoo or anywhere that requires a lot of walking around. And I certainly can't drive myself anywhere.

The worst thing about needing surgery is that my "six weeks" in a cast will start over from the surgery date. I woke up today so excited that one week was down. And now it will have to start over on Friday. I'm sure the time will pass quickly, but it is just a bummer.

In the mean time, Scott is doing everything he can to cheer me up, while he stays up beat. I'm sure the idea of an extra couple of weeks in a cast was not good for him either. I'm sure he's ready for me to be up and back to my normal mommy duties as soon as possible. When the tech took my cast off, I was pretty shocked at the look of my leg. My calf was almost non-existent. I couldn't believe how much my muscle went away so fast. And my foot was bruised all the way around. I couldn't believe it. I told Scott I was embarrassed at how ugly my leg looked. He responded, "Honey, they probably cast penises around here. They won't think anything of your leg." That's my husband. He says the most absurd things with such a straight face, it leaves me to actually have to wonder if he's serious or not.

The most ironic thing of it all is that for my wonderful 30th birthday I will get to go to a post-op appt. to determine if the swelling is down enough for me to get a cast. Ugh. I guess its better than my last birthday .

Okay, so my pity-party is over. I need to stop my whining and realize that in just a few short months, none of the circumstances regarding my broken ankle/leg will matter. When I remember all the drama that came with last summer (Em's broken arm, baby twins needing hernia surgeries, Scott's kidney stones/surgery) none of that matters anymore. There were no lasting effects. Nothing that impacts our lives. It was just a time, and when that time passed, so did the difficulty. I'm sure it will be the same way with my dumb ankle.

I'm taking a class at church on Sunday nights about being a peacemaker. One of the verses we looked at last week was from Philippians 2:5, "You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had." Well that just sort of sets the standard pretty high, huh? :) I will work on that!


Nancy said...

Oh, Malisa, I'm so sorry you have to have the surgery. It's ok to feel bummed! (as long as you don't stay in that mode) The way I see it is if we weren't supposed to feel disappointment then we wouldn't have been given that emotion! Praying for you!!

Jenny said...

Sorry Malisa! That really sucks.

Women of Prayer said...

Malisa, I am sooooooo sorry to hear this. It's a bummer, but there must be a reason!

Heather and Travis said...

So sorry you are going to have to have surgery! I'll be thinking of you, your hubby and your precious kiddos.

Jill said...

I'm so sorry about the surgery, Malisa! We've only met Scott a few times, but comments like that are exactly why Marcus always loves to sit and talk with him! :) What a wonderful man you married!!

Adam said...

"I'm not able to go anywhere like the zoo"


Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

Um, Adam. Did you see my issue about Walmart? I guess I could learn to wheel myself everywhere with a wheelchair. I just don't want to be the freak parade through the zoo. I guess I should just get over it, right?

Leah said...

I'm in a boot, too! I had surgery Monday morning on my left foot, just like the right foot surgery last summer. I am also in it for an unknown number of weeks. The right foot needed five weeks in it to heal, but hopefully this foot will choose to heal faster... yeah, right...

Just thought I'd share. We're boot-twins for a time!