Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sick Mommy

I've fought off being sick long enough, and apparently it has caught up with me. Last night I was sitting at Bible study with some of my favorite people, and it was like I could feel the cold and congestion coming on. My babies have been snotty for weeks now, and apparently they shared with me. I woke up to them fussing around 2 am and soothed and comforted them one at a time only to lay one soundly sleeping in the crib and to have the other wake up all snotty and congested. This went on for hours. All the while I was totally sick. Throbbing temples, congested nose, sore throat, cough. Blah!

Thank goodness for my great friend/neighbor! She works literally beside Emily's preschool. She's told me many times that if I ever have a morning when I can't pull it together that she could drop Em off. Today was that day. I was grateful to have her help me out.

The babies aren't doing so hot today. They were pretty fussy and not wanting to eat at all. Of course with them being twins and weight CONSTANTLY an issue, I was not thrilled at the idea of them barely eating. I was totally emotional (and of course in tears) by the time they fussed and refused a bottle two feedings in a row. Luckily Scott had a half day today and I called and unloaded all my fears and sorrows on him (I know, you're thinking what a lucky guy he is, huh?) After that, I took a good dose of suck-it-up. I think maybe they have a sore throat from all that nasal drip. Doctor told me that happens. So I gave them some Tylenol and they fell to sleep soundly for their afternoon nap. Praise the Lord! Naps are straight from heaven! Its like the ultimate reset button! Hopefully when they wake their little bodies will feel better and they will have a great feeding.

Anyhow, until then I am going to chose to ignore the messy house (and choice I have to make myself do!) and I have resolved to eat my favorite snack of an apple with peanut b butter while I watch a good romantic comedy. Preferably one that Scott can't stand so since he won't be here to complain.

If for any reason we get a visitor this afternoon, I pray that they give us mercy. Our house is a disaster! Thank goodness I have a gracious husband who would never say boo about a mess. I love him for that. And for letting me call and whine. It does make me feel much better!

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