Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My children, my attitude adjustment

Yesterday was a looooong day. Normally the days fly, but yesterday was one of the few days when time seemed to creep by. The babies were both congested and fussy. Poor Eli's cough keeps him from sleeping very much. And Elsie is just mad that she has snot. I was tired after only a few hours sleep for a few nights in a row. And Emily, who normally goes down for a nap like clockwork, refused her nap. And when she doesn't sleep she turns into a female version of hyper-hypo. I found myself repeating things like, "Emily, don't throw your stuffed alligator into the ceiling fan." and "Emily, please don't chase the cat with the stick."

Needless to say, I couldn't wait for Scott to get home.

Then I realized that Scott had a staff meeting (every Monday) and would probably be home later than normal. Oh. My. Gosh.

It seemed about that time that the babies were REALLY fussy, so I put both of them on their blanket on the floor, and Emily and I tried to console them. Pretty soon Emily had them both cooing at her and smiling. After awhile of that, we propped both babies up with the boppy pillow so that they were facing each other.

What happened next was the coolest thing ever. The twins starting staring at each other and cooing to each other. This one on for five whole minutes. One would make some noise, and the other would just SMILE, and make noise back. They were reaching to grab at each other, and just so happy.

Maybe it was the lack of sleep, or maybe it was the instant attitude adjustment my three precious children had just given me, but I was in tears. And not just the gentle barely-squeak-out-your-eye tears. I mean like, pouring down my face, nose running, please-give-me-a-kleenex box tears. Tears of pure joy. Tears that helped all the negative exit my system as I saw the most precious thing ever.

Of course I had to explain to Emily that I wasn't sad or hurt, but that I was actually really just happy! She thought I was crazy for sure. She kind of looked at me with this bewildered half-smile that said, "Yeah, so, I love you... but you're nuts."

Oh well. I'll take a happy attitude with a side of nuts to a bad attitude any day!


Jenny said...

That's so cool and it's great that you were with them so you could see it. I wish I could meet them sooner than Christmas time.

Grandma Mary said...

I had what I thought might have been a rough day..till I heard yours..and I can certainly relate to the shot nose syndrome!
After all, my grandmother used to say that kids were made to bring smiles into the world..only she said it in Spanish...

Love to you all!!!

Anonymous said...

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