Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Soccer Game

This morning was Emily's first soccer game. She is on the Bears team, and Daddy is her coach, along with her friend Joseph's dad, Coach Matt. I don't know if you have ever watched four year olds play soccer, but Scott compared it to herding wild cats. He is doing an awesome job coaching though, because all of the kids seem to be having a great time. That's all that matters at this age.

Today's game was a loss, though Emily never asked if they won or not. I guess it just hasn't occurred to her, which is great. She played hard, and ran after the ball. She even scored a goal! Well... a goal for the other team. But who cares, right? She actually ran off the field over to where I was sitting and said, "MOM! Did you see that! I scored a GOOAAALLL!!!"

Yes honey. Yes you did. And if anybody tells you differently, they are wrong. :)

Anyhow, Emily is loving this soccer thing way more than last year's dance fiasco. Hopefully we can continue to expose her to all sorts of activities. Right now she is content to run around her in fancy pink and black shoes and play with her bestest bud Joseph, or as she calls him "Jofus."

Oh, and I included a picture of the spectators. What cute babies, eh?


Colette said...

Malisa - I think all of us old ladies love reading your blog because it brings back so many fun memories for us! I remember those early soccer days. I think we parents worked much harder at the game than the kids -- with waving our arms and cheering the kids on -- I was exhausted on Saturday afternoons. Fun times! And yes, those are the cutest soccer spectators I've ever seen!

Katie said...

Cute story...I loved that she didn't care if they won or lost. I fear Henry may care a bit too much when he is allowed to participate in organized sports...this will most likely be due to watching his father stew during the winter over lost basketball games. Oh well :)

Justin said...

said it before and I'll say it again...that girl is simply adorable

Jenny said...

Em cracks me up! This seems like such a better fit than dance. She is looking so grown up in that first picture.

Soccer Uniforms said...

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