Monday, January 05, 2009


The kid cracks me up. That is all there is to it. Here is a little to share with you:

Everybody knows about my recent obsession with saving money at the grocery store. Apparently Emily has caught on to this too. A couple days ago she asked me if I could watch her baby while she went to the market. Then she pretended that her baby asked her something. She responded, "What baby what did you want?" (silence) "Oh I'm sorry. That is not on the list, it is not on sale, and I don't have a coupon."

Then this evening she asked me for a quarter for the candy machine. I told her no, and specifically told her NOT to ask her daddy. Well, he walked up, and she directly asked him for a quarter. I told her she was guaranteed a spank when we got to the car. So I walked her out and swatted her bottom. Not too hard, and not without a ton of clothing padding her little tush. She turned around, gave a big sigh of relief and rambled, "Oh, that was a great spank. I don't mean I liked the spank, but it wasn't the worst, and it wasn't very hard. It was juuuussttt right!"

What am I supposed to do but laugh? She certainly isn't a boring child, that is for sure!


Kerri Roberts said...

Yea- don't you jus love this age...I mean if the sassies are quite funny and it kind of makes me glad that our girls have developed a fun sense of humor. Now perhaps they'll grow to only mimic the "good qualities" of us right!
PS--do you know for sure what ur having yet?? I guess I could've asked at school, but I never see you anymore.

Adam said...

Careful, she might develop a thing for spanking. =P