Sunday, January 04, 2009

Em's Big Break

I was watching DVRed episode of CSI from last week, and while I was forwarding through the commercials this came on and caught my attention. Meesh's hubby is the promo guy for a local station, and he needed Emily to ham it up a bit for a T.V. commercial advertising a local website for moms. I have been meaning to post it to the blog for a couple of weeks, but kept forgetting until this afternoon when I saw it again.

Kind of weird to see your kid on T.V. when you are watching CSI. :) Scott keeps waiting for the phone to ring and somebody to discover her hidden television talent, but sadly that has yet to happen! :)


Adam said...

Ha! That's awesome. Save that video clip for the prospective suitors down the road.

The Mrs. said...

Sorry I missed your calls, now it's too late to call you back. Hope you have a good day back at work and I will call you in the evening. I miss you and your beautiful voice!

edluv said...

funny stuff.