Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday evening

The house looks like we run a day-care center instead of having one 3 year-old. We had a full out rodeo in the living room complete with "cowgirl music" (country), dress up clothes, and stuffed horses. There are toy instruments strewn about the play room, along with dollies, my little ponies, and tinker toys. Emily has even constructed a make-shift "barn" out of blankets and toddler chairs.

Scott and I are relaxing and trying to read our books during the playful chaos that is Emily playing. I have chicken thawed out for dinner which I planned to fix with potatoes and fresh steamed green beans.... But the box of Mac and Cheese sounds more like it tonight.

The cleaning has been relatively accomplished earlier this weekend, and though there is a couple of loads of laundry yet to be started I can't help but thinking, "isn't there always?" Of course we will have toys to clean up and rooms to put back together, but I love this evening. The t.v. is off and we are just with each other, watching Em play and relaxing. What a perfect way to end the weekend!

Hope your Sunday evening was fabulous too, even if it was full of nothingness like ours!

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