Thursday, January 15, 2009

I love home

This evening Scott's school had a family movie night. Sounds fun, but I seriously just wanted a night at home after every previous night this week we had something going on.

Probably remembering my sluggishness, Scott offered to take Emily and give me some quiet time at home by myself. My time at home by myself is so little. I could've spent this precious time cleaning out closets, organizing the attic, or doing laundry, but instead, this is how I chose to spend the evening:

First, I had a lovely dinner of Ramen noodles and fresh kiwi (not together...). Yum!
I talked with my mom on the phone.
Then I followed my dinner with some wonderful rocky road while I watched Jeopardy.
I then soaked in the bath tub for so long I had to re-fill the water twice to keep it warm.
And now after my brief blog, I plan on laying in bed to read as much of the third vampire book as I can before my need for sleep outweighs my need to read more about Edward.

I love relaxing in my home. I am grateful for this evening! :)

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