Saturday, January 31, 2009

Next on the baby to-do list

Now that we know the babies are one boy and one girl, we need to get going with nursery plans. Scott's office is the bigger of the two available bedrooms, so that means we nee to consolidate the office and spare room, leaving his office open for the nursery.

Today's plans include:
cleaning out the downstairs closet and upstairs linen closet
clearing out the spare bedroom closet into the above closets
moving Scott's office closet into the spare room, leaving the office closet empty for baby things
moving the huge office book case into our bedroom
choosing a color to paint the spare bedroom before the computer desk takes up residence there

Seriously, all we wanted to do today was get the office closet cleaned out so baby things could be put in there. But so much has to be done first. Doesn't it seem like a domino effect?

Anyhow, hope everybody's Saturday plans are more interesting than ours! :)
Oh, and here are some pictures of the finished bathroom. The room isn't very large, so taking pictures was a little difficult, but you get the idea. The giraffe gave us some trouble, as the yellow was showing blue through the paint. But Lori is awesome, and she fixed it perfect. I couldn't be more thrilled at how it all turned out, and of course Emily is so happy that she finally has a giraffe on her wall!

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