Sunday, February 01, 2009

The daily Emily quote x2

Scott needed a snack to bring for a meeting tomorrow, so I baked some cookies. As I was arranging the last few on the plate, I asked Emily to tell Daddy to taste the cookies and tell me if they taste alright.
Her response? "Mommy, does Daddy ever think your chocolate chip cookies don't taste alright?" Said complete with hand on her hip and everything.

Later tonight Scott and Emily were playing and his knee accidently bumped Emily's forehead. I'm sure it hurt, and she did cry. Scott and I were concerned that it would swell. We put the Nemo ice pack on her head, and then muffled through the tears she gets this one-sided grin and says, "You know what would really help me feel better? Some cartoons!"

Seriously, I'm glad my kid doesn't lack in the personality department. She is a lot of fun! :)


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yeah, personality that probably plays you like a fiddle.