Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Boy and Girl

I can't wrap my mind around having both a boy and a girl at the same time. I can't tell you how thrilled I am! And what's so fun about knowing the genders is that now when I am totally being kicked and punched, I know who to blame it on. I don't have to refer to him or her as it, but rather can say, "Man that little boy is kicking now!" And normally it is always the boy. Always on the right, always much more active than his sister. Always causing me to run down the hall to the bathroom.

And I enjoy every minute of it.

During the ultrasound the technician couldn't even get all the measurements of the little girl. The boy was kicking so hard and frequent that the girl would literally dart to the left, only to be pulled back to the right. It looked on the screen like she was attached to some sort of fetal rubber band. It was so awesome to see. I can't imagine the closeness that these two will share.

Of course because I get to have another ultrasound to get those final measurements that weren't able to be taken . Darn! :)

Scott and I have thought of many names, and have come close to deciding, but would love input. Suggestions?


Sam said...

When I was in middle school, I desperately wanted to have boy/girl twins so I could name them Rhett and Scarlett.

Yeah...kind of glad I outgrew that!

My grandmother had two sets of twins - Joey & Jerry and Jeanne & Janice. Considering she NEVER called anyone by the right name on the first try, I'd personally select names that aren't too similar.

Anonymous said...

That is darling. Of course the little boy is already picking on his sister!

As for names, we went with family memebers. It made it a little easier. We wanted one name from each of us. We have our boy names picked out in case the next anderson will be a boy. But like for Evelyn Rae it's Jay's dad's aunt and my mom's middle name. We didn't like our grandmother's names so much and the one we did like our friends named their daughter it.

we thought it would be neat to be able to say we got your name from _________ family member instead of We watched the mummy and her name was Evie (it's partly true...tee hee!)

Good luck. I want to verbally talk with you this weekend. I miss you!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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edluv said...

are they indentical? wink wink.

how about darnity and darnelle? (you love the darn)

barack & michelle?

names i don't recommend:

Meesh Hays said...

Pete and Repeat?
Derek and Meredith?
Ooh! Larry and Linda!!!

I can't wait until you know who they are!

Justin said...

I'm not suggesting it for you, but I just finished a job for some clients who have the cutest twins named Seamus and Hazel.

I do like the idea of using family names, but looking back a generation or so.

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

My great-grandma's name is Audrey. I love that name.

duble-u said...

no suggestions for her, but have you ruled out woody johnson for him?